Pink & Beige Striped Cardigan from H&M - ideas please

  1. Just purchased a pink & beige striped cardigan from H&M - something about it I was attracted to, it just seems cheerful :p any ideas what to color to wear underneath? I can only think of white which seems predictable.....most likely to be worn with jeans but other styling ideas appreciated!

    The pic is the sweater version, but mine is the cardigan but colors the same - just couldn't find a cardi pic online!
  2. leather?
  3. ^^ thank you, I guess you mean for the bottom half although I'm not a leather person it would most likely look good.

    I was hoping to get ideas for colors to wear underneath the cardigan - tees or shirts?
  4. I think any kind of cream, ivory etc would work, and a dark fuchsia. Also the beige in the cardigan, but that would be hard to match.
    Personally, I could also picture it with navy, especially if your jeans are dark.
  5. Navy to off set the pink and beige tones in the sweater
  6. I would do a dark green skirt or bottom of any kind
    Skinny Belt over it and a graphic tee with a floral motif or something of your liking

    Keep belt and shoe in the same tone to make a united focal point because everything else will only coordinate but not match .
  7. A darker pink or purple could look nice underneath.
  8. Because the colors are a little muted, so a crisp white top would be best. Either simple white tee, or white collar shirt would be lovely. Pair with a nice pair of jeans + flats/boots, instant classic American chic :smile: You can always add a statement necklace to give it a fun flare.