Pink bayswater with charms

  1. Hi girls , I purchased a lovely pink bayswater with charms just over a year ago from York . As much as I love it I have never used it as I am concerned what colour it will eventually go . Anybody have the pink colourway and if so can you tell me if it looks grubby as it ages?? Bestest , Flossie
  2. Mulberry bags in the darwin/natural leather do tend to age over time. I say the grubbier it gets the better.
    What pink it is? Is it light or the hot pink?
    I think if it is the light pink then they are doing the same bag this year and I would hold on to it with dear life!
    The charms sounds intriguing, I would love to see a photo.
  3. photo
  4. Still can't see her:crybaby:
  5. bag1.jpg
  6. IMG_2674.JPG
  7. hi Flossie - I have never seen that bag and I live in York:lol: and there every weekend

    It is very unusual, congrats:yes:
  8. Hi there , when I purchased it last feb she was the only one there so maybe a 1 off.
  9. I have seen the same bag in two tone oak.
    It's cute. Can never go wrong with a Bayswater IMO.
  10. Ooo,how lovely!! I tried to post yesterday and got chopped mid-post!!! Better late than never though to admire a really gorgeous bag!! Congrats!! And I have a pink one,no road test reports as yet as I have'nt taken her out as the weather,well its bloody 'orrible!!!
  11. Did I miss when you´ve got it "cleared" from the hiding? Good tips are always welcome:graucho:...
    You have such a beautiful home. My DH actually got thrilled over the cellar:nuts:!
  12. Oooo,Mym,she's still not 'cleared' yet,but is in a dustbag in the bottom of the wardrobe with all the others,and Andy has spotted them all.....................but not said anything,yet,will keep you posted!!

    Andy got a bit excited over the cellar too,strange how the minds of men work isn't it??:confused1:
  13. What a charming bag! So springlike and unique. Stitches on front are really nice.
  14. So cute!
  15. Very cute bag!!! Enjoy her!