Pink Bayswater, very dirty, how to clean

  1. Hi!
    In the Authenticate topic I posted a pink Bayswater, and I got it! :yahoo:



    But! The thing is, the bag is so dirty, especially inside the bag. It's really, but I mean really well used. It's really dirty, not some stains. But pencilstripes, some kind of dry out fluid, it's grubby, it's just really dirty. The outside is also dirty, the handles, the corners. I added some photo's.
    I feel a bit disgusted on the idea to throw my things in. So how to clean the bag? The inside and the outside, without damaging the bag or anything.
    The bag is also very slouchy. Is there some way to repair it, to get it stiff again? Or is it slouchy forever?

    I'm just confused.. how can someone pay that much money for a bag and be so careless with it.:confused1:

    But still I am happy with the bag :yes: I just wanna use it :nuts:

    Thank you!
    1.JPG 08012008479.jpg 2.JPG 3.JPG 6.JPG
  2. I use baby wipes to start cleaning. They are gentle but do a great job cleaning the leather. Not sure what to use on the sueded side.

    Looks like you have a beautiful bag under all of that grime.
  3. *shudders* this is why I'm careful about who I sell my bags to! Who could do such a thing to a beautiful Mulberry?! Mulberry Leather Nourisher (bought from Mulberry) can be used in copious amounts to clean the outside but I have no idea about the suede inside. Maybe phone mulberry and ask their advice?
  4. I would take it in to a professional dry cleaners. I had a suede bag that they steam cleaned and it came up great.
    Then give the outside a clean with leather cleaner but don't rub too hard around the outer parts as it looks like the leather may be thinning and you might damage it.
  5. I am not used to dry cleaners. Steam is not bad for the bag? Or the outerlining?
  6. Hi Wadaiko

    If you can get this bag cleaned up, it's going to be beautiful. Like OrkneyDaisy, I can't understand anyone paying so much for a Mulberry bag (let's fact it, they're not cheap!) & letting it get into that state.

    Let us all know how you get on.

  7. I took the bag inside out. And made some photo's.
    Be speechless.:push::wtf:
    See the difference... it's almost funny, it makes me cry.

    I will take the bag tomorrow to the dry cleaner. Hope they can help me.
    3.JPG 5.JPG
  8. i would NOT try to clean it myself (might make it worse) -- send it to a professional bag restorer like lovinmybags STAT!

    and no, the slouchiness cannot be fixed -- that is what happens to leather after use.
  9. I'm trying to spring clean my bag collection and wibbling about the thought of selling some of them - I hate the thought that someone might treat them like that! I know Mulberry bags are meant to "wear in" but that just looks plain grubby! Its like she was using it to cart around her husbands steel-capped work boots or something!
  10. That woman, the former owner should be :boxing::boxing:!!! We should sic Sarajane on her!!!
  11. WTF!!!!!! Whoever had that bag first should be damn well flayed!!!!
    What an absolute disgrace!!!!

    NO worries on that EVER happening to Pinky I can tell you!!!!!
    In fact I am a bit worried about using her at all,and I have even got a pattern to make a liner for her when I move and my sewing machine comes out of storage.I just thought I was being a bit over the top!!!

    As for cleaning that poor creature,its completely possible,but as Rachiem and kicksareforwids say,the professionals can do brilliant things,they won't be able to restore it to new looking,but I think you would be amazed at the difference!!!
  12. THAT is a crime against Mulberry!
    I can't believe anyone could be so casual with a beautiful bag like that. I would get it professionally cleaned and once it has been treat it with masses of leather nourisher.
    I'd stuff it with tissue paper so it's really packed and would keep it like that when you're not using it to help it hold its shape. I'd also keep it in a dustbag.
    Let us see the difference once its cleaned, bet it will look like a different bag.
  13. I do hope you get it sorted out and all nice and clean! Post some "afterpics" when is done. I really wish you good luck!:tup: I would find it kind of embarrassing to sell ANYTHING in a state like that:shame:.
  14. I went to the dry cleaner this morning. And he told me that he couldn't guarantee that nothing will happen with the bag. Any damages are on my own account. And the suede was already a bit damaged he said.
    He told me that the best thing to do, is to brush the dirt out with a copperbrush. Or try to clean it with some soapy water. That is what they do there.
    So I feel a little bit confused about what to do now. I could go back and let it dry cleaned, with the risk that it could be damaged. Or trying it myself, like recommended at the drycleaners.
    Any thought on it? Should I just let it drycleaned?
    From what I heard is that they just throw it in a washingmachine using chemicals and then use really hot steam to get it dry...
    Oh how little did I know when buying this bag...:sad: The bag is like roaming ****zu with mud in his fur..
  15. What about plain old leather cleaner????