Pink Balenciaga

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  1. This is soooo cute... I always *love* pink and i am so tempted to get this one.. :love: :love:

    However, if you pay a closer look, it looks like 'dirty' pinkish kinda color...

    What do you guys think?
  2. I think it's cute... great for the Spring!
  3. theres this black and white spotted balenciaga. u should consider getting that one? or the green one. the pink one in my opinion is ok
  4. I think it's cute too. I like the blue one. Is personalshopper legit? How big is the small bag? Is it too small?
  5. i like that shade of pink, i think it's quite pretty.
  6. Pretty color for Spring!
  7. Where? Where?? :nuts:
  8. i love that pink color. and yes, she's legit.
  9. I've bought from this seller she is 100% legit and very easy to work with. Great bag-I may get the white one.
  10. balenciaga bags differ in distressing and leather quality. I've seen the spring pink and loved it but am afraid it will get dirty easily. why don't you order from BAL NY and tell the SA the kind of bag you want- the amount of distressing; soft, thick, leather, etc.??
  11. I was wondering about the pink as well...I really like it:love: It would be perfect for Valentine's Day and spring! I hope it comes in the "purse" style:biggrin: Does anyone know if it will or if it does?
  12. Wow, I love it :love: Perfect shade of pink!!
  13. That's such a cute shade of pink!!! I love balenciaga colors! They're always so gorgeous.
  14. I love the color.

    I've got a light color day bag on order, how does the leather take protection? waterproofing spray and conditioner?