Pink and Green Denim: permanent?

  1. I was just browsing the Denim selection on eluxury nd noticed that some of models that came in green and pink are back to only blue. Were these two colors a limited edition for Cruise '06 or are they still being produced?
  2. Nope seasonal, and already done
  3. It's been discontinued. It wasen't permanent, but I don't know if it was supposed to be continued or if it was supposed to be LE.
  4. Yeah..they're just seasonal.
  5. I saw a lichen (green) neo speedy at the Boca Raton Saks LV yesterday, also some pink denim (I forget which bags they had).
  6. But I never realized they where seasonal...hmm I guess if I want a lichen baggy pm I better get on it ASAP! :yes: ;)
  7. The green was my fave color..I have the baggy GM and adore it!
  8. Just seasonal :sad:
  9. anyone know what colours they'll be replacing the lichen and fuschia?!?!
  10. i like the blue best anyways!
  11. That's why I am buying another Baggy PM this week (this time in the fushia) I love the denim lines and would be upset if I missed the pink!
  12. I love the blue one! Is that seasonal too?
  13. No, the blue is permanent. Only the pink and green were seasonal.
  14. *Phew*

    Thank you eyelove! :yahoo:

    Does anyone know if the Mini Pleaty will be discontinued? I read somewhere that the Pleaty will be discontinued this year?
  15. ^ You're welcome. :smile: