Pink and Burnt Orange Satchels here tomorrow..... for sure!!

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  1. :woohoo:I have tracking numbers! I am so excited! I am going to pick them up at lunch and will promptly take some small pics for you guys, but the modeling pics will have to be later in the evening. (dont want to do that at work).

    I cant wait!

    Did everyone else's ship as well? Did anyone get there's today??? I am hoping someone did! Would love to see pics!!!!


    Oh, of course this all assuming that nothing happens to the FED EX packages.... eek, i should not have thought of that... now I will worry....
  2. Im really excited for you. Cant wait to see pics!
  3. Thank you ! Me too, since after this I am probably going to be banned for a bit! Oh well - go out w/ some fun eh???
  4. I just checked, when I type in my order number it says "no information about this order"

  5. thank goodness, I am trying to wait so patiently to see them before I decide to pull the trigger!!! I'm trying so hard to wait until they hit stores but I'm worried they'll never make it!
  6. Yea, when I called yesterday they said low numbers, so I placed the order at my outlet. I promise to post TONS of pics as soon as I get it, but Pursegal will beat me by far!~
  7. anyone know what colors the hobos will be in? I guess I could buy the satchel and then if I like the hobo better, I could exchange.....

    I'll see about ordering tomorrow after I see the pictures - debating navy patent or burnt orange...

  8. You know what sometimes my fed ex packages say that when they have either been delivered or are out for delivery - are you sure that is not a possiblity! OMG - i would be so thrilled if they were waiting for you !!

  9. this what i thought, so that is why i ordered the pink in addition to the burnt orange. I may not like the pink and have to send it back. :s I like how it looks, but its another story if I can pull it off....

    If I do like them, I will promptly order a black and then promptly go on a self imposed ban before my DH makes me.... :hysteric:

    I am really hoping I love this bag!!
  10. I like those 2 colors, cant wait to see what they look like!
  11. OMG! Can't wait to see what the pink looks like!
  12. Can't wait to see them, they sound sooo cute!
  13. My Burnt Orange shipped yesterday (Wednesday) and hopefully will arrive tomorrow (Friday!!!). The Pink Patent shipped today, so definitely early next week for her. I hope I can sleep tonight...
  14. LUCKY you!!! I wish one of you was in MI so I could see your bag in person!
  15. yay! :yahoo: Can't wait to see pics!!! :tup: