Pink Alligator

  1. Went to my local H store today with a good friend (new H convert) and the SA brought out a H watch that has a rose pink alligator strap! It looks absolutely lovely, and I am thinking if this means Hermes is trying out a new pink in alligator (my SA did mention in the past that Hermes 'experiments' new colours on small leather goods and watch straps before making bags with them), and may produce Birkins/Kellys in this new colour?
  2. Ooohhh, I'd love to have seen this baby!!!!! Did you like the color, S?
  3. Perhaps it was rose indienne?
  4. i think Hermes is one of the only design houses i would ever trust to carry pink and still make it look sophisticated and not Barbie doll. Chanel classic flap bags and on very rare occassion limited edition Vuitton runway pieces in pink, but that's pretty much it! I've been CRAVING pink from Hermes.
  5. Ooohhhh this could be just the thing, Croissant!!!! And it would look lovely with a Mother-of-Pearl face.....and some diamonds for the numbers.....

  6. Ooohhh are such a bad, bad girl!!!^^
  7. :angel:
  8. :devil: :ninja: - is more like it!!! :roflmfao:

    I've seen this color at SCP and it's like cotton candy! Gorgeous!
  9. :crybaby:oh if only someone would get me this as a gift for christmas!
  10. Something rose in an orange box......must be for ME!!
  11. would it be rose shocking??
  12. Just seems right, oui??
  13. u got it rose!!!! :roflmfao:
  14. Yes, D. I saw it and even tried the watch on my wrist. I didn't get it because I already have a Chopard watch with a pink strap. And Croissant, it HAS a mother of pearl PINK face.

    HG, I don't know if it is Rose Indienne or not? I thought it was but when I studied the tag on the watch, it didn't say so. It just said "rose", and with the rest in French ... I don't know French :crybaby:

    GT, it's indeed like the colour of cotton candy! HermesBB & Rose, nope, not Rose Shocking.
  15. Mrssparkles, I saw that watch and tried it on too! :love: Was it matt croc?
    It is beautiful, :yes: but I was concern that it might be difficult to keep that strap in top condition since it is very light colour.
    The colour I also checked it was just Rose. Actually as soon as I saw it I remembered all the story about that elusive baby rose colour, but it was not baby rose.:P
    They had I believe Cape Cod watch in the watch catalog, but the pic in catalog was in a little bit stronger pink colour. IRL strap was closer to Rose Dragee -very light cold pink.
    I am still considering it, but not sure if that light pink MOP watch face would go with a bit less dressy Natural Barenia strap.:confused1: