Pink Alhambra necklace

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  1. Does anyone know if VCA still sells this pink alhambra necklace?

    I think it was a limited edition for breast cancer one year but I'm not sure if it's an annual thing. Just a thought for mother's day...


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  2. I'm not sure if it's still available... Call VCA and ask them
  3. I just saw a very similar necklace in Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo Japan last week. It is a special edition made only for Isetan's anniversary and is only available at Isetan Japan. If you are serious about getting one, you can try calling them in Tokyo! But prudent to check with VCA in your home country first.
  4. Yes, I would call and check with them.
    And if I read correctly there is going to be price increase May 1st. Someone please correct if they've heard different.
  5. Yes, I heard that the May 1st price increase will be 10%.
  6. I just called my SA at Van Cleef and she said it's over 2 years old and that they don't carry it anymore... :crybaby:

    She did mention something about pink sapphires in the byzantine collection and said she would send over a picture later. I'll share with you gals when I get it.