Pink 2.55

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  1. I was just browsing the Chanel site and I'm so in love with the pink 2.55 :love: I'm maybe thinking of selling my chocolate lambskin Chanel... The long strap isn't really me and it's a bit long as well since I'm only a bit over 5'2

    Does anyone have a idea of the retail price for a 2.55?
  2. The pink one will run you over $1,200 for sure.
  3. I believe the caviar is $1595 and the lambskin is very close to $1700 (if there'e no difference in that it's pink versus black that is```)
  4. Sheesh! I remember paying around $1200 for my black 2.55! Either they raised the prices or pink is extra special!
  5. Thank you both... I figured it would be over 1K :suspiciou

    The other thing is I really don't know how much I could ask for my Chanel.... It's approx 3 years old, in good condition, the leather has worn just a bit from the bottom and around the flap...

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  6. Wow.. your brown Chanel is gorgeous !

    Are you sure you want a pink one though ? I think the brown one is a lot more versatile, and if I wanted a pink one, I'd probably just save up the money without sacrificing any bag !
  7. The black Chanel?

    I see them go for an average of around $350-$400 on Ebay. There are a lot of black Chanel 2.55's going around.

    If you sell your brown one I bet it'll go for more.
  8. I agree with ayla-- your brown one is gorgeous!! I definitely understand the "too long" strap problem though, I'm 5'4.. I don't want my purses hanging at my waist. :smile:
  9. Oh, it's the same bag :amuse: It's brown in both pics the angle is just abit funny :biggrin:

    I like the color, but I'd preffer one with short straps.... The brown one hang lower than my waist :lol: I know it would be hard to let it go, but it would be for the greater good :lol:
  10. I was just looking at the Chanel reissue at Nieman Marcus last Saturday. The black medium one with gold strap retails for $1995 and the black small costs $1895 (or $1885, can't remember).

    From what I heard, NM already sold the last pink caviar. You still might want to check though. Not sure about the price.
  11. oo I'll have to go check that out, sounds nice!
  12. wow! i love your chanel bags!!! :smile: if i had the money, i would buy one! :smile: good luck on the pink one!
  13. Thank you!

    I think I wouldn't want a caviar one... tha lambskin appeals to me much more. I like the leather soft :smile:
  14. I think both! The pink is dreamy! I was drooling over it a couple of days ago on line.
  15. I have the chanel pink lambskin. I paid $1200 on ebay from dudeiloveyou. Try looking around ebay for good deals.