Pining for the khaki/ebony sig Ali with matching framed french wallet

  1. sigh ! have been trying to decide what will be my major purchase after x-mas when I will possibly have gift cards etc. I am trying to figure out how to buy one without selling my other bags. I was thinking of maybe selling some bags on eBay that I can purchase at the outlet. Then I was thinking when i go to buy my bag that I order it in nh so I don't have to pay sales tax and if I do it during a PCE event then I can save even more ! Any thoughts or suggestions ? My husband actually thinks it is really pretty too and he is really picky about handbags ( I know sounds funny) but he doesn't think the price is so great. Anyway do you think this bag will be around next year in this color combo ? Also what are the chances of finding one in an outlet ? I don't want to buy one used thanks :smile:
  2. I just purchased the Ali Signature in khaki/ebony and received it on Saturday. I love it! I can't believe how much it holds! And it's stunning! I also have the matching framed french wallet which I recieved for Christmas to match my khaki/ebony legacy satchel. I can't get enough of that color combo. You should go for it! Not sure if they'd be in the Outlets yet, but it would be worth calling to check!
  3. Where are the outlets in NH? Is there one in North Conway do you know?
  4. There is one in Tilton right next to Laconia. They have a lot of signature but are a smaller outlet I guess. I have only been to 2, the one in Kittery and the one in Tilton. I don't think they have one in Conway.
  5. I just bought the ali in khaki/black and I absolutely love it!! I have seen them on eBay, even new, for quite a bit less.. I bought mine on the PCE and I had a $150 gift card from a timeshare promo so I only paid $193.50!! I couldn't beat that, and it is a beautiful bag!! I would love the wallet.. I actually bought the black leather wallet and the leather matches beautifully.. good luck! I am sure you can get one by then, either at outlets or new on ebay. It is a great bag. :tup:

    Here she is:

  6. Sorry that pics so big, I couldn't get it to resize!!! :wtf:
  7. Wow thanks for the pic ! She is beautiful ! Do you think this is a bag that will always be available from Coach ? I don't want to buy anything that expensive on ebay. How much stuff does it hold ? I used to be obsessed with the shoulder bag in this color combo but this is my new obsession
  8. I really like this bag too!
  9. Its a great looking bag, the contrast on it is so striking. I have always liked that combo.
  10. I have the slim flap in that combo and I LOVE it.

    My local dillards has the ali in that combo and I eyeball it every time I go in there.
  11. It holds alot, I have my framed french wallet, my signature multi stripe Large beauty case, chanel sunglass case, cell phone and ipod with room to spare.
  12. Cool thanks for all the info and pics !
  13. I don't know about it always being available.. not sure :confused1: I understand the ebay thing.. just letting you know I have seen them for less on there. I absolutely love it.. I have my wallet in it, then my lipgloss, gum, and phone in the pockets and have PLENTY more room to hold anything I want.. it also has the front pouch.. I attached pics to give you an idea.. . I love the legacy lining.. and I love the khaki sig with the black.. it matches absolutely EVERYTHING!!! Good luck, she is a absolutely beautiful!! :tup: