Pine SGH Part Time... Yes? NO?! why?..

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  1. Dear Friends, i have been wanting a part time for a while. But the price is always very high. Now there is the Pine in Silver H/W(which i love) at way way below retail on e*ay. But im not sure abt the colour. So wat do u say? Yes or NO?!:flowers:
  2. ^^ I say yes. If its by HGbags listed right now, I think its gorgeous. I was looking at it.

    I think pine is a nice jewel colour for a b bag.
  3. Yes.. Hgbags.. Haa... The price is very attractive i must say..
  4. I say YES!:tup: Pine is such a pretty color even more with the SGH. Go for it!
  5. ^^^ Thanks.. But im still hesitant.. Anybody with Part time modelling pics Pls..
  6. I love the PT because the handles are longer (this is the third time I've written that this morning on this site!) and fit comfortably over your shoulder. I have a pine make up and I think the color is AMAZING.

    Go here to see Vanessa Hudgens wearing a PT:

    And scroll down on this page for turtlejd's awesome modeling pics:
  7. Big thumbs up from me too :tup:. I've been lusting after hgbags' SGH Pine PT for a while. It think it's stunning, and it's one of those colors that's particularly enhanced by the SGH.
  8. I love pine, and I LOVE the part time-I have a black RH part time-great size! You'll love it!
  9. PT.... :tup: Love it~!