Pine - Is it available in silver AND gold GH? or one only?

  1. I just can't recall and on the balenciaga site it looks like gold hardware but I feel that I've heard that its available in silver.... too :confused1:
  2. I think all the colors are potentially available in all the hardwares. I just don't know if BNY ordered everything. I know they will have Pine in RH and SGH, because I've asked about those. Just not sure about GGH.
  3. :p

    Yes I need to know too, pine is a very good color
    for the fall.
    Now suddenly I want three bags..:graucho:
  4. Egg-zact-lee ... it all depends upon whether any retailers ordered that combo!
  5. Some of the department stores seem to be sticking more with GGH, at least in pre-collection bags. AR is only getting SGH on the bags for which GH is available. BNY seems to be getting a little of everything, with the emphasis being on little, if the rumors are true. Pine could look good with any of the hardwares, though.
  6. thanks!