Pine Giant Day coming my way!

  1. PINE PICS! It was a tough decision. I was listed for the gold, but the silver gave me pause. Still, I went with gold. I always like gold better with greens. And just FYI, they have a few silvers now and more golds on the way.

    What do you guys think?
    pinesilver+goldRS.jpg pinesilver:goldRS.jpg pinebackRS.jpg pinefrontRS.jpg
  2. I think the gold really makes Pine "pop." Congratulations on a really great looking bag!
  3. I really like the gold - nice choice!
  4. Both have GREAT leathers so get which hardware works best for you!
  5. wow the gold really makes the green POP, but silver is nice too.
  6. Beautiful! I was just wondering how the Pines differed from SGH to GGH and wow, the GGH makes the green shine! Congrats!
  7. classy gold/edgy silver -- win win :queen::rochard:
  8. i love both w/ the pine but gold definitely makes the pine pop! congrats on your new bbag!
  9. Love the GGH with Pine! :tup: Congrats and don't forget to post modeling pics!
  10. I like them both, but I think I prefer the leather on that specific silver. You can't go wrong with either and welcome to the Pine Club! :nuts:
  11. It looks like the Gold doesn't have the issue with the slightly clashing teal zipper tape like the silver one that's one more reason to go w/the Gold!!
  12. I agree about the leather, but they're both good enough. Never noticed the clashing teal thing. I'll have to check that out!
  13. Ooh, the pine with GGH is so pretty!
  14. OMG, how did I miss this? I'm SO GLAD I got the GGH now! I've noticed this type of discrepancy on other colors, but somehow it's much worse with the pine/teal. Perhaps it looks worse in the photo than RL? Now it's all I can see!