Pine GGH Day vs. Vert Gazon GGH Day

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  1. Has anyone seen these two bags or colors in real life? how do they compare - i'm trying to get an idea, as I have seen neither in person. Secondly, which do you prefer? Thanks!
  2. Not Days or GH, but here is my Vert Gazon First with my Pine Twiggy...

  3. ^thanks that is very helpful!

    Also for others reading this thread: would you rather buy a preowned vert gazon, or just buy a new pine?

  4. I think Pine is a neat color, but I LOVE Vert Gazon. It's bright and cherry.
  5. Vert gazon is too bright for me. Pine is more versatile, delicious and rich. And still very, very GREEN.
  6. ^I agree. My Vert Gazon is a "wow" bag, and although I love it, the Pine gets way more use because it goes with more. If you're looking for versitility, Pine is probably the way to go.
  7. My pine gets plenty of WOW, though. It is a bit brighter than Cheshire's twiggy appears in the photo as well.
  8. Pine is a great color, it's much easier to go.