Pinch me - I'm in purse heaven!!

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  1. It came today!!!! AR works fast. I was worried that I would be putting my marriage in jeopardy for a bag that I might not even like that much! But - now I can say that it is alllll worth it. My Hazelnut belt pocket Paddington arrived today from Hawaii and it is everything I could ever want. I now am the proud owner of TWO Chloe bags - each unique and each looking spectacular on me if I don't say so myself. (I need the bravado to shore up my jittery guilt pangs...) I'm hyperventilating and the purse high is so powerful I think I can honestly say that this should do it for a while.The Betty chain handled tote is inbelievably cool and you don't even see it on Ebay or at the store websites any more. It is a bit of a bother to hide them all the time and I wait for the day when I can display both casually. Yet - maybe that is part of the thrill - the secrecy and the deception gives it all an edge that is slightly enjoyable. Now my other purses like the Gucci horsebit tote seem blase and ho-hum. I don't want that necessarily to happen. How shallow AM I - LOL!!! Don't answer that....
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:Nothing beats a purse high- that is the best!!! Please post pics!!! I cannot wat to see both the Paddy and teh Betty! I just cannot get enough of these bags! Enjoy them both in the best of health!!!
  3. we need family photos!!!!!!! congrats! :greengrin: (that's me, i'm greeeeen with envy haha)
  4. Okay girls - I'll wait until my daughter gets home and takes the snaps of me wearing them. I don't know how to do any techy computer stuff but she does. She is in on the secret and will probably borrow them when I'm at work. If only I could have set a better example and saved the money first. Ah well - oh my gosh they are both so cool. Each goes with a different type of outfit. The tote looks very urban chic and a bit rockstar-ish with those leather wrapped chain links. It totally jazzes up crisp tailored black and white ensembles. It is very heavy but I can handle it. A smaller girl might not be able to. The belt pocket Paddy isn't exactly lightweight either but the slouchiness is so casually boho that it is easy to sling over your shoulder and it makes everyday jeans seem Parisienne - like you are Kate Moss on a photo shoot. Most people in my neck of the woods don't have a clue what either one is all about and I wish I could strut my stuff in an arena where the cognoscenti would nod in approval. Now - what do you think about longevity? Are Paddingtons on their way out? Will I care? Will I wear them when new "IT" bags emerge? My stylish girlfriend (who has NO money and yet dresses better than anyone I know by shopping estate sales and flea markets) says there is no such thing as 'trends'. If you LOVE it and it totally suits you - you will always be able to wear it despite what the fashion police say. Do you agree?
  5. Congrats! I want to see pictures!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  6. I agree with your girlfriend. I think the Paddingtons are ageless. Just like my LV collection - some of my LVs are 10 yrs +, but still look fabulous. And two of my favorite handbags, a vintage framework Kenzo and a vintage framework Celine (with a metal carriage closure) both look so current. The way Chloe works the leather, the big lock, and that is just for the Paddingtons. I love some of the other Chloe bags too - would love to see pics of your chain bag. Phoebe Philo did a wonderful job on creating Chloe's handbag line, and I will always follow what she does. Can't wait to see where she goes next. And congratulations on your handbag purchases - just save up the money, pay for them, and put your mind at rest. Enjoy them!
  7. CONGRATS - can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :cutesy: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
    congratulations on your two new Chloes!
  9. The paddy sounds beautiful! I didn't see that color on the site? Or maybe I'm an idiot and just looked over it. Can't wait to see pictures :nuts: Everyone is getting their AR orders, I am so jealous! Mine hasn't even shipped yet :crybaby:
  10. I'm embarrassed to say that my hazelnut belt pocket Paddington can STILL be purchased at AR on sale. The pictures they show are AWFUL - big boxy looking things. But the reality is exactly what I wanted. The slouchiness does a Paddy proud and since I am six feet tall I really cannot have a conventionally sized Paddy. I need a large sized one. The hazelnut color is so beautiful and practical since it goes with everything. I am just the happiest camper and I think my guilt pangs are starting to subside. Girls - without this website I would have made some very horrible mistakes. I am so glad I found this purse blog! Thanks for your encouragijng words!!!!
  11. Congratulations divnanata! Your hazelnut belt pocket Paddington is beautiful --- BUT it has been sold out on AR for a few days now.
    The only thing left on the site is the python mini.
    The photos are still up there of a few Chloes but if you try to put them in your shopping cart it shows Sold OUT!
    You got a great deal and a GREAT bag! Enjoy it!
  12. Congratulations! I love purse highs. Can't wait for pics! I love the chain strap betty, it's such a cool bag!
  13. Okay - this was D-DAY. The credit card company called my hubby to question the purchase at AR!!! Maybe that is a good thing that they are so diligent but.......... Anyway they get mad they get glad. He is over it and now I can relax. I can proudly carry the dam# purse. It was a good buy and I am so happy.
  14. Pics pics pics please!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: