Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Jul 4, 2008
South Carolina
I went to Dillards on Tuesday to buy the Plum Patent Signature mini skinny and wristlet and ended up taking advantage of the extra 40% off sale. I went home with a Patchwork Gallery Tote. Well, I decided I just wasn't feeling her so yesterday I returned her and ended up buying the bag that had first caught my eye. There she was, across the crowded room. Okay across the sales counter.;) I can't believe I have this incredible new bag and that I'm likely one of the first women in my small town to have her. :yahoo: The SA was so cute saying "You'll be the only in town carrying this until someone else comes in!" And I told her to hide the other two they had so no one would get them. ;)
I am so banned now.
Here she is.