pinch me . . . am i dreaming

  1. Wow I just have to brag about my DH.
    Last night I celebrated a girls night out with my 15 closest friends. My DH had planned the whole night for months so that a bunch of moms would have a carefree time. It was such a great evening he had arranged Limos, wine tasting, a fab little restaurant and a great nightclub. Needless to say I thought what he did was extremely generous and could not have asked for anything different.

    My DH came by the wine bar where we were having our wine tasting to say that he hopes that we all have a fun and safe night. He stated that he set up the evening because he knew that I loved my friends but He also said that He knew I had another love in my life, HERMES. I turned around and he was holding a big orange bag. He figured what equals a perfect evening:
    hanging out with your best girlfriends and a gift in an orange bag . . .THE MAN IS A GENIUS

    I think I will be a tease this time
  2. :nuts: !!!!!!!!!!!! I was about to go to bed but I think I'll stay up and see what shows up :graucho:
  3. do what! uh oh here we go :smile:

  4. Hi FleurdeLis - First, have to explain the name. I joined the forum a little while ago and typed the first name that I thought of - the computer let it through because yours is all one word and mine is spaced - sorry, wouldn't have done it on purpose. But after your post I know nobody will ever get us confused, because my husband, who is a very nice guy in his own way, would NEVER plan an evening down to the orange bag. Congratulations.
  5. What a lover he is! :heart::heart::heart:

    But *you*, Fleur???? :wtf: TELL, tell!! please??
  6. I'm guessing there was a Birkin in that big Orange Box, FleurDeLis. It almost doesn't matter what's in that box, since you've got what really matters -- an incredibly tuned in DH.
  7. my name is not fleur de lis in any way shape or form and my DH doesnt know the meaning of plan, Hermes, or Any such thing!

    AND WHATS TAKING SO LONG..........................?
  8. He's the sweetness guy ever!!!!!! Congrats~~~~~
    :popcorn:what could that be in your Orange bag :graucho:
    waiting.... lol
  9. Do tell!
  10. I wandered over from the LV forum and now I'm sitting in suspense waiting to hear what was in the orange bag!
  11. This is so romantic.
  12. I'm refreshing every 2 seconds.. hope I'm not gonna crash tPF's server...
  13. Show us, please!! :popcorn:
  14. let me start by saying that is a birkin and i love it. This is only my 2nd birkin so needless to say I was not expecting such a special one. I will try to get some pics posted as soon as I can get my Dh off the PC
  15. such a wonderful hubby. loved the details of your evening out with the girls. can't wait to see pics of your new birkin!