Pinay BBag Lovers! Wag na Mahiya! Post Pictures Here!

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  1. Being that Filipinas are generally shy, I know most of us Pinay Balenciaga addicts would not dare post pics of our "babies" here on TPF. Here's your opportunity to show off your gorgeous bags. Post lang so we can all ogle and drool.
  2. Here are pics of me and my sister with our bals
    07 plomb sgh work
    07 aquamarine ggh work
    06 bleu roi purse
    05 choco first
    05 navy first
    anthra sgh work.jpg aquamarine ggh work.jpg blueberry purse.jpg choc first.jpg navy first.jpg
  3. here's more:
    09 framboise sgh pt, 07 marigold sgh pt, 07 plomb sgh pt, patty's 08 vert thyme rh pt, 06 oyster whistle
    framboise sgh pt.jpg marigold and plomb.jpg marigold and VT.jpg marigold sgh pt.jpg oyster whistle.jpg
  4. envelope clutches
    marine ggh, ruby ggh and sapphire sgh
    marine ggh envelope.jpg ruby ggh envelope 2.jpg sapphire sgh envelope.jpg
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    olive twiggy and patty's marine twiggy, 08 ruby rh pt, black metallica, sapphire rh city, 07 grape sgh pt
    patty and ria twiggy.jpg ruby rh pt.jpg sapphire gh pt.jpg sapphire rh city and marine twiggy.jpg sapphire sgh pt.jpg
  6. patty's vert thyme PT and 06 naturel rh pt
    vert thyme pt and naturel pt.jpg
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    sorry! first picture is of the plomb sgh pt. here's a pic of the plomb sgh work:
    plomb sgh work.JPG
  8. thxs for sharign pics
  9. Great collection, thanks for sharing!! Beautiful!
  10. aquamarine ggh work, grape sgh day and mai's officier sgh pt
    grape sgh day.JPG
  11. thanks LV-PRADAfanatic and saira1214!!
  12. this is cute! wait, here is a pic of my babies -- my kids and bbags during cleaning day :smile: 09 blue layette sgh pt, 07 rouge vermillion twiggy, 08 amethyst rh day :biggrin:

    okay, that's my youngest daughter (no hair mommy!) eyeing my 08 amethyst rh day... im "training" them early :graucho:
    iPhone 070.jpg iPhone 089.jpg
  13. gorgeous kids and bags foxymom! woot woot!
  14. Great photos! You girls are full of life! Love all your bags - thanks for sharing them with us, Bbag sister. :smile:
  15. Great photos! What a happy moment! Love them all!