Pin #?

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  1. Hi everyone! sorry for my ignorance.... Just want to ask , is there a PIN Number that the store gives when you purchase in a span of 1 year for a certain store? Is there a thread about this? I'm trying to locate but can't find it...Pls help? Thanks....
  2. ^^^
    I am sorry but I don´t understand your question?
  3. a friend asked me.....if i have a PIN# at my local store? I said what PIN#? then she said...."it's a PIN number that they give you when you purchase in 1 year from a certain branch" and I'm like.....huh??? i don' t understand either! Im so confused if there is such a procedure?
  4. I have no idea, and I have never heard of it. Maybe it´s for people who buy alot and they have a special PIN number so they can call and order things???? Or the store has their purchases under a special PIN???

    The experts will know for sure!
  5. sorry MaryAnne...can't help you here, I've never heard of such a thing :shrugs:
  6. Ohhhhhh I see...maybe for VIP's only??
  7. Me neither.
  8. Could you be referring to a "loyalty card"? Some stores (franchise) have that type of cards...
  9. ^^^
    I was actually thinking about that as being a possibility...
  10. Loyalty card? Maybe Hermes experts really can help us here...thanks so much!
  11. Loyalty card is a card that collects points with every purchase you make over a certain amount. At the end of the year you will receive a gift certificate whos amount depends upon how many points you have collected. This is only the privately owned H stores though.
  12. i see....thanks for the info,Lovely64. But a friend did not mention about loyalty card, she said a Pin number ,so I just thought maybe this is for VIP's ?
  13. never heard of this
  14. I've never heard of this either
  15. You have a customer number in their system, maybe that is what she meant???