Pimples that are un-poppable

  1. For the hormonal pimples, is there something other than birth control pills to help?
    Is borage oil (GLA or evening primrose oil) helpful to take as a supplement?

  2. I heard about this too but I was told to only use the "white" toothpaste. Never tried it yet, though.
  3. Jahpson: I am having the exact same problem on my back. I have been very lucky and never had acne and only got a pimple when it was that wonderful time of the month. Recently have been getting the under skin pimples on my back ( only like one for two at a time) but they are ugly, annoying, and painful. My mom is a nurse in dermatology and they are cystic pimples and you can was your back with a benzol peroxide cream or wash and they will begin to shrink. If they continue go to a dermatologist and get medicine for them. I think I might go to my dermatologist because before I found out that they would scare I would let my BF pop them (I know gross but they bothered me haha). Now I have bad scaring on my back and want to get on medicine to keep these pimples from coming back because I refuse to wear a shirt that shows my back when I have them. I thought I was a freak because I had these type of pimples. I am glad to know I am not the only one!
  4. Buffering lotion by Mario Badescu is for cystic pimples. Also try the Control cream to control the redness. I swear by these products...I have not had a cystic in a year since I used both of those products.
  5. I've had these cystic pimples around my time of the month in the worst place...on my leg! They were huge, always on the same place, and left a huge blemish despite me not doing anything to them.

    I cried when one appeared before my wedding (I was wearing a knee length dress). It was so painful and so swollen...looked like an extra lump on my leg.
    I didn't know that I could have gone to the dermatologist.

    Thankfully, they are gone. My advice is to leave them alone with the exception of some acne medication. Do not squeeze them!!!!
  6. hehee..this is my thread from last year in oct!

    glad its still up & helping others.

    i just got one of these suckers again coincidently yesterday!
  7. try coldsore cream... works wonders for me!! best spot cream ever!

  8. yes, your not the only one. I use to be a dancer so I was working and sweating a lot. Which lead to the acne on my back. I popped a couple, but I was left with a significant amount of scars.

    I tried soaking in epsom salt (detoxifies) and exfoliating (with a sponge) like three times a week. Well most of the scars are fading out thank goodness. however that ONE pimple that I popped and left a black scar still remains. it has gotten smaller..but hasn't budged.

    my SO told me not to worry about it, cause it almost looks like a beauty mark.

  9. I would recommend for you to see the dermatologist for injection. I had the same problems...cystic pimples on my chin and at one time there were 4. Only take one time from the derm. and the pimples slowly go away.
  10. I suddenly got a bunch of these on my body and I've been using Tea tree oil to get them to go down, I didn't know honey could work, I guess I'll try that!

    Luckily they aren't on highly visible areas so I'm not too worried about that. I wonder why my body is undergoing hormonal changes though, stress?
  11. try having one in your groin area, it hurts like hell when you walk and the underwear push down on it, oh and it don't have a head, and imagine that 2 days b4 your birthday :hugs: :pokey: :buttercup::hysteric::tispy::broom::goodpost::spiderweb: