Pimples that are un-poppable

  1. Ahhh...Ever since I went on a soda rage..I broke out. :sad: I never really drank carboanated drinks until NOW!

    How do you girls get rid of those hard, painful pimples that are not pop-able?

    I got 2 of them on my cheek and I don't know what to do with them!!!!!!!

    Please share if you have any tips!

  2. ooh i hate those they're the worst! they're so painful and large and icky-i don't really have a solution for them, but i find that putting hot compresses on them helps them come to a head more quickly, as does piling on the acne medicine right when you feel one coming on. also, i use clinique toner when i get one of these (i think it's number 3-the purple one that's for really oily skin) on a cotton swab basically like an antiseptic. it smells like rubbing alcohol and dries my face out (my brother loves the stuff) but for when i'm breaking out it works wonders. once the pimple is gone i just moisturize like crazy to rehydrate and go back to my usual products.
  3. ohh jc, i hate them too!! they're horrible. its THERE, but u cant get it out! i dont want to upset it and make it worst. lol.

    perhaps i'll go get a hot wash cloth and press on it for now then apply some persa gel or something!
  4. get toothpaste and slather it on overnight and by the morning it should have come to a head.
  5. I just slather on a huge dab of Clean & Clear pimple cream. It really dries out the zits overnight.
  6. I actually use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque and put it on the pimple overnight and it will dry out the pimple and in a couple of days the pimple will be gone...
  7. LOL I don't have a solution, I just got attracted to the thread title and wanted to say LOL:biggrin: Actually my initial reaction was EWWW but only because I thought this thread was about popping. The only advice I can give is that the quickest ones will all take atleast a few hours/overnight. There was some cream or something a friend had suggested once but I rarely have pimples so don't need the emergency cures. But my teengage days were a killer:sweatdrop:
  8. I second the Mint Julep mask. Dab a blob of it on your zit and let it sit overnight. It will take it to a head. Then just hold a hot compress over it and get that gunk outta there!
  9. I used to do the hot compress thing, but lately I've been using Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. It works REALLY well for making those painful headless pimples disappear! It relieves the pain almost instantly and the pimple never comes to the surface :yahoo:
  10. The best advice is probably just to leave it alone, it will go eventually.
  11. How funny, that's exactly what I do too! It works really well!
  12. Neosporin ointment version or Polysporin. Most times it will bring it to a head if the pimple can be brought to a head, that is. If not, it will heal it
  13. I haaaaaaaaaaaaate those pimples!! I get them sometimes, too. The only solution that I have found is to leave it alone for the first few days and let it start to come to a head. I also pile on the "anti acne" gels at night to let it work in. If it's really bugging me, I'll sterilize a needle and try and lance it - it usually works and the pimple is gone the next day :biggrin:
  14. whew! last nite after i got off, i got a wash cloth and ran it under hot water a few times and compressed my nasty pimples for a few mins.

    they're smaller in size today but today i am going to put mint julep over it at night and hopefully they dissapear soon!

    thanks 4 all the wonderful advicce!

    keep it comin cuz im sure this will help others also!

  15. Ever since reading a thread on here a few months ago, I've started dabbing the smallest amount of honey on them, and I've found it works a treat! I'm not sure about regular spots, but those painful headless ones you described it works really well on and doesn't dry the skin like toothpaste.