Pimple below eyebrow...annoying!!

  1. Does any 1 get pimples below their eyebrow area? Not quite on the lid but its more below the brow area sorta near the eyelid.

    I'm not talking about a bunch of pimples, but like 1!

    I always tend to get pimples in that area sometimes..and when I do..it's hard and painful to try to pop.


  2. Sometimes there and sometimes underneath my eyebrows. It tends to be an area that sometimes gets neglected when I wash my face.
  3. I get them between the eyebrow hairs sometimes, also a little below the actual brow. And yes, I must agree they are PAINFUL to pop!
  4. Try a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip before you go to bed on it. Really soak the q-tip and then let the peroxide dry on the zit. It really helps to speed things along!:yes:
  5. Also, is it possible it is actually millia? I get those because I put moisterizer on there that is too rich. They aren't painful, and look rather white.
  6. Ouch ! i never have them under my eyebrow I get them like right on my lip like just allil above it and it hurts so bad. I always get them on my nose too >_< Gah so annoying