Pimped My Azur

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  1. Yes...I pimped my Azur. One one side is my tpf keychain, and now this little darlin' sits on the other side!

    I know it's not an LV keyring but I think it's cute. My DH knew I wanted it lately cuz I thought it would look so good with the Azur. This morning he told me to go get some gum for him on the kitchen table and there this was in a little box! Anyhow, lots of you have been posting charms lately so I thought I'd share.
  2. cute!
  3. ah, the watermelon charm! so cute! it's coach right? looks smaller than in other pics I saw! but cute still!
  4. It looks very cute!
  5. cute! brand?
  6. I love Coach charms, I have them and Juicy charms on my bags.
  7. Yep, it's Coach. They also have a bigger change purse that's a half moon shape with a flower in the middle that comes in a few colors. I have seen a few people post that up here as well. That one has more of a chain on it. I passed on that one since I use my cles.
  8. very cute..
  9. such a cutie!!
  10. Cute! I love bag charms
  11. so cute...been looking for a charm to hang on my azur as well.
  12. Makes me hungry for some of those sweet and sour Watermelons by the company that makes Sour Patch kids! :p
  13. ^LOL J!

    Love the charm! It's very cute.
  14. aww thats too cute!
  15. super cute!