Pimp My Ride

  1. Anyone watches this? I came across this one day and it was actually quite cool! Some are over the top but it's AMAZING what they can do! Heck, I want MY ride pimped!!
  2. My kids (all boys) love this show-- most of the customizations are way over the top. I shudder to think of how much their insurance policies must increase!!!
  3. I like this show all so ....
  4. I love watching this show! :heart: I agree that sometimes, they put kinda *off* stuff in the car sometimes(does anyone remember the pottery wheel that pulled out from under the front passenger seat of one person's car or the TV monitor in the front headlights?!? lol.) This show always cracks me up, though. :P
  5. I remember the one with the TV monitor in the front headlights, that was really way over the top. There was also one where they made the seats of the car into Musical Chairs.