1. Just pulled the trigger on Vermillion and Peacock. Couldn't decide between Peacock and Turks. In the end decided that since Vermillion is pretty bright, to go with the more muted Peacock. Also got the matching Peacock keyfob. I can't wait until these are made and hope they add even more colors!!

    And am I remembering incorrectly or is $98 a cheaper retail than before? I seem to recall it being $110 or such. That was a nice surprise.
  2. did i remember correctly that when the peacock leather is gone it's gone? i seriously think i need a vacay... my mind's going too. argh...
  3. Candy apple red, and turks are coming to my house:cool:
  4. Mib, if my memory serves, after the first batch of Peacock items was made, Toni said she hoped they could get ahold of more. Seems that they did since there are now more items in that colour.
  5. Eek now I have to decide between this and a pomp. I made the DH bookmark the pomp for V day present but a pilot might be more practical?

    Does anyone have pics of the inside of an old one?
  6. Oh nooooo! Now I have to go back and look. I was going to try to wait until next month, but I don't want to miss out. ETA: ACK!! Wild rose is there!!!!

    Though it wouldn't KILL me to hold out in hopes of a wild rose or minty pilot.

    Quick question that maybe someone can answer. In someone's pics of a Turks something - pomp? (I'm being REALLY lazy about going to look it up, sorry. Nikki, maybe?) Turks appeared to be quite aqua blue. On the HH site, though, Turks looks very cobalt. Any input? That's quite a difference.
  7. The Turks on the Pomp is more turquoise than cobalt to my eye
  8. Yeah, I posted pics of my turks pomp in a pomp thread. I asked about the difference and was told it was photo shopped so its not accurate.
  9. DSC02636.JPG

  10. Thank you Luc! Now I have to make some decisions.
  11. Mint is up! Do y'all think it would get dirty too easily? I can't decide on the dang color! I was going to get Turks, but I think I love the 'cobalt' of the online photo more than the IRL color. So I think I have narrowed it down to Luggage VP or mint. But I might rather have a Pomp in the luggage. Grrrr! :thinking::noggin:
  12. Luggage VP is mine! :biggrin:
  13. I thought I wanted one...but I'm LOVING my pomp...I don't know. The size of the pomp is perfect. I guess I can wait on it a bit or maybe just save the $$ for a bag instead :smile:

  14. That's what I suspected. And I assume the Turks leather for the Pomps and Pilots is the same. I wish they wouldn't photoshop, but instead wait for the real thing. I know it's not always possible, but still. (I'm grumpy. Too much sass from students today. I think it must have been International Sass Day.)

    Anyway, so I think I'm going to have to go with a mint pilot and wild rose keyfob. I wish I could pull off that mint Nackie, but I think that's too much mint for me. Pilot it is! And since I've already paid off my Nackie (patting myself on the back :biggrin:), then I can swing it!
  15. I need to know if it will be contrasting or matching zipper. It's the main reason I didn't get a pomp. What colour????? Maize, mint, wild rose or lime????