1. Wooo! You are 1 lucky lady! Those look so sweeet. I'd want to keep them all too, just to display the blues together:smile: I really love atlantic & wish they had offered it on the pilot when I'd bought. Oh well-the Pomp's looking not too shabby either. Hmmm...
  2. Thank you for that comparison because despite HH saying the sent me Turks, mine looks just like that Peacock. :oh:
  3. justwatchin - it's tough to tell them apart when they are actually apart. Easy when they are side by side.
  4. Guess which one this is


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  5. Beautiful Sally!!! I love Atlantic!!! I want something in Candy Apple too, I was thinking a Lorca.
  6. Not thinking anymore...:p just ordered my Lorca :rolleyes:
  7. LOL @ Luc!

    *whistles* LOVE your pictures, Sally!
  8. Is that Turks?
  9. woo hoo! awesome pics! i can't wait to get my choco corc now. :biggrin: so glad i chose that color over phantom tho i LOVE the phantom color too. i think i would have been gray'ed out. this choco is not a color i have right now.

    ooh... i love that turks pilot too. uh oh... i wonder if HH will have a Mother's Day sale. :graucho:
  10. All of those colors are so pretty! You have me wishing I got the turks unstead of peacock.
  11. Great shot of all those blues together Sal! - you should pop that into the reference library!
  12. This is one beautiful brown!
  13. Yup - the pic by itself is turks. They are all so pretty....
  14. Those are so pretty. I am wondering if I need a new one. I have two old versions in silver and black. I love them but would love a candy apple or mint. Anyone experience any colour transfer with mint?? Now I saw the chocolate, I think I likely.
  15. Hey fellow Pilotiers- anyone else experiencing sticky zippers? The outer pocket is starting on mine. I'm about to use my standard -rub with a plain candlestick- trick, but I hope it won't leave white stuff on the black zipper fabric. Anyone have a better method?