Pilot Wristlet Came Today!

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  1. Thanks for posting the list, C!! I'll bet the metallic violet was gorgeous... I vaguely remember seeing that color somewhere in the forum.

    Oh! And I should share with you that I snagged an older Lagoon Lorca on sale, with the same lining as your Havana!!! Can't wait till I actually have it in my hot little hands (Bonnie's holding onto it for me until my b'day--sort of a present to myself LOL). It'll be perfect for summer.
  2. Yeah, the metallic violet was gorgeous but I kept reading about the peeling problem...

    Awesome score on that Lorca!!! So you must post pics (with kicks!) once you get it -- when is your bday, soon maybe? I need to post pics of my Havana with the cute coin purse you gave me :smile:
  3. ^^ Not till May... it'll be an end-of-semester sort-of surprise. And I'll definitely post pics on the Lorca thread. I like that lining better than the new ginko one (but love the new purple stitching!). Please do post pics (somewhere) of the two together... although I can't imagine trying to find the coin purse in the matching lining of a Havana!!

    Let us know here if you decide to dye your chalk Pilot! I'm loving my TCP one so much but am torn daily between it and my lead Lido wallet... it's SO rough having TOO MUCH HH.
  4. i used to have a metallic violet.. i think i posted pics. i didn't use it a ton but it never peeled. i sold it b/c i decided i wanted a less blingy color (it was seriously metallic), but now they're sold out! ooops.
  5. I've carried my GZ Pilot the last few days b/c we've got lots of snow and slush. I dropped it twice in slush, wiped it off and there are no traces of anything on it, unbelievable!
  6. i love the zeus leather now :heart:

    this is like the pompidou's baby! if i didnt have the pomp already id so want one of these!
  7. TCP Pilot in da house!
  8. OMG Toni!!! GORGEOUS!

    I need another Pilot...I can't believe they stopped making them!!
  9. Thanks! I agree, these things are fabulous!
  10. I googled my brains out about a week ago for some more of these beauties and came up empty handed =(
  11. So did I lol! Remember the TCP on ebay for $125 BIN and $25 shipping? We'll, it didn't sell so I made the seller an offer and she took it!
  12. Great deal Toni!! I posted a while back that I didn't like the pilot. Well I lied, I carry it everyday. I love love love it. The best thing is that it forces me to keep organized, no 1" wad of receipts. It works great with my Marcel. It's been a bit rainy here so pilot and my BP Jinhee (I also posted that I wasn't crazy about it, now I just LOVE it) have been BFF lately.
  13. Yay, toni!! I'm so glad to hear you got your TCP Pilot!
  14. Toni!!!! Isn't the Pilot wonderful? I love mine (2, so far with a third on the way)! I like it's petite size, fits nicely in my Marcel with room to spare.
  15. It would be hard to choose a favorite leather in the Pilot. I was never terribly interested in the TCP Trophy, but a TCP Pilot - YES! That would be quite nice! In fact, I think I'm in love. :heart::love::heart: Unrequited, of course.