Pilot Wristlet Came Today!

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  1. ^ You and me both, I've been kicking myself for not buying a VCP pilot way back when Luna Boston still had some. I put it in my cart so many times, but thought--why would I pay $100 for a wristlet?!? Silly me. Shortly thereafter LB had a sale and poof! it was gone :crybaby:
  2. Oh, man. My GZ Pilot came today. I got the TCP Pilot last week. I am supposed to send one of them back. I cannot. Maybe tomorrow.

    I'm thinking about giving one of them to my DD for her 17th bday next month. She doesn't like carrying purses (:wtf:), but she's been wanting something for her cell phone and iPod. I'm feeling very possessive and selfish though. Bad mommy!! :noggin:
  3. Thanks for posting pictures. I just bought the same one and glad to know that you love it! I can't wait to get mine.
  4. Toni, I don't think I congratulated you on your new GZ Pilot. I just got a Marcel and I love that leather! I do see myself one of these days getting something in GZ (hoping beyond hope that the Wyeth tote comes in the zeus leather):jammin::jammin::woohoo::woohoo:
  5. I guess that's where I'm lucky having boys. They do not covet any of my bags! Give one of them to her, she'll love it!
  6. My chalk one is a little grimey -- I might dye it! We'll see.

    Anyhow, dunno if this is correct, but I vaguely remember:
    - Soft gold
    - Silver (probably the vintage silver like on the bowery)
    - Black
    - Metallic violet
  7. Wowsers. I just got a Marcel today too. Isn't it lovely?
    Can't wait for my pilot and marcel to meet.

  8. ^Marcel's a stunner! Long story short, I bought one at the sample sale a few months back, decided I didn't like it, sold it on ebay. Well, another came up on eCrater a couple of weeks ago at an EXCELLENT price, so I wasted no time re-buying a bag I had bought before. I'm glad I did. I expect to use it a lot. I'm a big bag gal, but every now and then a smaller one comes in handy.
  9. Too much! I hope to be with Marcel a long time. :smile:
  10. I've got a bad bag mommy story...I bought my daughter a bag for xmas off of ebay. It was advertised as brand NWT but it had a couple scratches on it and it looked like it had been carried a few times, long story short, I loved the bag and kept it for myself. I couldn't give my daughter a used bag for xmas!
    I did buy her one from Amazon and that one was perfect!
  11. Toni- It would be a sin to give it to her. I am dreading the day my daughter asks me for one of my bags. :smile:
  12. alohagirl You're gonna love it, it looks better when it's not empty.

    Cindy Thanks! The Zeus leathers ARE amazing!

    cciele Chalk? OMG! When, Where, How did you score that! I'd love to have one in chalk! Maybe you can just clean it up really good?
  13. Congrats Toni...and to all of the other pilot-teers. I think part of what makes it so hot is that HH only made it in super cool leather.
  14. does HH have anything in this approximate size in their new spring line? i slightly regret letting my pilot go..
  15. #60 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Which one did you let go? When? Why? Someone posted that the Sam is comparable.