Pilot Wristlet Came Today!

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  1. Great pics toni!! Now I know I should have bought one too lol Congrats!!
  2. Mine finally shipped today! I hate waiting. :smile: Can't wait. I have the Sam too. I love it but want to be able to fit more into it. I hope I like it. The Sam is just a smidge too small for me. I would love if they brought back the Pompidou, they are impossible to find!!
  3. Thanks missy!

    annam, If you like Sam you're gonna love Pilot. I bought a Sam for one of my staff for xmas but the Pilot is just TDF!
  4. toni - I'll keep the Sam to keep the documents for the kids. I am so impatient, I want my Pilot now. :smile:
  5. I think I've only seen one pic of the elusive Pompidou, it looked amazing.
  6. i snagged a gz pilot too and i can't wait to get it. i sure hope it would go well with the gz trophy :smile: they're coming the same day and i'm so excited !
  7. Love it! I have the BZ pilot, it's the perfect size for a quick run somewhere
  8. it really is too bad that they aren't going to be making more of these!
  9. The pilot is a great grab and go in a big bag or on its own. It also makes a great camera case. It was my first VCP piece and I love it.
  10. VCP. Drool.

  11. Me too.
  12. where can i get a pilot. i've been wanting one really bad.

  13. I do. Pilot fits nicely in the Marcel along with a lot of other stuff. The Marcel is surprisingly roomy.
    I use my Pilot (and my Pompidou) as wallets.
  14. It's interesting that the TCP one on ebay is BIN at higher than it was from HH originally... wish a VCP one would pop up!!

    Anyone know what leathers they originally came in? I've only seen Cathy's chalk one in person, plus the two CPs and Z colors...