Pilot Wristlet Came Today!

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  1. So does anyone have the Marcel and Pilot? Any thoughts on having both of them? I have the Marcel and I've been tempted by the Pilot, but feel like there's not really a need for it since I can throw everything in Marcel for a quick trip. Is there a different niche the Pilot fills? Sorry for being so dense lol. Haven't been sleeping much lately. :weird:
  2. My sister (Bonbandurski) has both of them...
    I think they're totally different, but I doubt I'd actually use the pilot as a clutch. To me, it's more of a wallet. I fill it and then toss it in my Corcovado or Tharpe. I can't do a tiny wristlet as a clutch... it DOES hold everything (and you can clip your keys onto the wrist strap) but the Marcel is a proper clutch... I think you could put two or three Pilots in the Marcel, right?
  3. I've got both and I love them both. If I need hands free, like I'm shopping or something, the Marcel is perfect as it's cross body.

    Pilot, I could easily stick it in my desk drawer or my work tote and just take it out when I go to lunch or happy hour after work!
  4. At least that many, LOL!
  5. SLEEP!!!
    Or play frozen, midnight frisbee golf...
  6. Hmmm! Cool thank guys. More to think about lol. :smile: Enjoy your new Pilot toni!!!
  7. LOL jennirane!!!!!:roflmfao: Ok first off, ULTIMATE frisbee, not frisbee golf...lol. ;) No I only wish that's why I haven't been sleeping...more like toddlers who insist on waking up at all hours of the night for some crazy reason. Argh.
  8. (UF) I know!! (Tired, myself.) Used to teach at a community college near Aspen that had two whole courses through the hills. Kids played in three feet of snow--just floored me! But I got a couple of lessons--I was so impressed with the different discs for different situations. Just like golf clubs!

    We play a really random, drunk version of FG at our annual Memorial Day camping trip. Trees, stumps, dumpsters... and hauling the cooler around in a wagon. It's usually hard to make it back to the "clubhouse"!
  9. I still have never played frisbee golf...looks like fun, just so stationary compared to UF! One of these days I need to though, a local park does have a course. :smile: Sounds like a fun version you did on your camping trip LOL. I took the UF course at our local community college for 2 years...I never did get great at it compared to some of the others (not a natural athletic), but I had a blast. I remember those days playing in mud and snow...we even had an after hours "club" called the Ultimate Mud Club. I was in a pic on the front page of the city's newspaper one day, drenched and covered in mud, while playing UF! :biggrin: Gosh now I really miss it lol...thanks for reminding me I still need to start pestering people into playing again!
  10. You definitely should, dear. It sounds like you have a TON on your plate at home. Take care of yourself so you can take care of those kids!
  11. Thanks sweetie. :smooch: Will do. Now get some sleep. :P :back2topic:
  12. You read my mind... 'Nite.
  13. Toni, that is fabulous!

    If anyone is looking for a slightly lower cost version, I recommend the Sam. It is basically the main compartment of the Pilot.
  14. That is adorable! Seriously. I've been a member here for a long time but never spent any time here until this week...I'm going to get in SO much trouble!
  15. Thanks mlinky and sdnoobie!