Pilot Wristlet Came Today!

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  1. WoW! I never noticed the Pilot, never even heard of him but I love this little thing! I need more! How in the world did I miss this little cutey? Oh yeah, Zeus leather is amazing!
  2. Pics pics pics :P
  3. Why did I think I could get away with out posting a pic? LOL, brb!
  4. hehe thanks toni!
  5. What's up with photoless HH reveals?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. What's up with this comment? :confused1:
  8. Hey ROAK Buddy! The GZ is gorgeous! I've got the TCP, but am lusting after a VCP or one of the earlier ones... I've seen one IRL in Chalk. OMG. They're fantastic wallets, no?
  9. lol I'm pretty sure she was joking...I know I was anyway (although I did really want to see pics, so thank you!). Anyway awesome pics, that is so gorgeous IRL! Much better than the stock photos! Love it. :smile:
  10. Did you take offense to that? There's no meaning between the lines, believe me.
  11. Hmmm that actually looks a lot more practical than it initially sounded to me...me likey.
  12. Thanks! I'd loooove to have TCP! I still don't know how I managed to NEVER see this on the site...
  13. The TCP is really amazing... once I saw it in person, I took a second look at the Trophy Bag. It's a richer honey color than you think it is... and the Pilot is just about PERFECT. I'm in a dither right now b/c I got the pilot at the same time I got the Lido quilted clutch wallet (in LEAD). So each day is a back and forth--do I switch out all cards or enjoy it for another day???
  14. He's the perfect size to hold cash, cards, lipgloss, keys and cell.
  15. You should just march right on over to ebay and list that TCP for a fabulous BIN, problem solved b/c I'll take it off your hands! Just kidding!