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  1. Ok here is my very first Pillow! Surely not going to be my last.
    I got it from Saks right before the sale , but they did a price adjustment since it went on sale like two days after I received it! They are so sweet.
    The color is Petale and is such a wonderful pale pink. For some reason the leather feels even softer than my Bluette iron bag.
    I was told how to shorten the strap since I practically live in blue jeans, and it is very cool:biggrin:
    I love how Bottega bags are so customizable. I did try to also knot the shoulder strap which wasn't too bad.
    Thanks for letting me share:graucho:
    Here is a pic of it doubled up as a shoulder bag.

    Attached Files:

  2. Here is a another pic that shows how the strap is doubled up more clearly. I kept the little leather piece up on the shoulder for comfort.

    Attached Files:

  3. Very pretty. Congrats
  4. Lovely color and great idea with the strap. Enjoy!
  5. Beautiful choice for your first pillow.
  6. Thanks so much !
    Thanks! It's so nice to have options.
    Thank you ! It's so hard to decide which Bottega bags to get when starting to collect them. This seemed like a great small bag to add to my tiny collection:smile:
  7. Sweet n cute pillow
  8. Thank you :smile: so hard to choose a color ,but this one spoke to me:P
  9. BTW - love the movie that inspired the title.
  10. Was that movie with Doris Day?

  11. Yep! And Rock Hudson.
  12. I remember! I loved those old fashioned romantic comedies.
  13. Gotta get creative with these threads:smile:)
  14. I watch a lot of period films. I love everything Jane Austen but never thought about possible connecting it to a BV. Now you've made me start thinking.....

  15. Love Austen! My favorite novels.

    I love period films too and old movies. TCM is one of my fav channels. Grew up watching those romantic comedies from the 40's, 50's and 60's. My mom was a fan.
    (Sorry to have hijacked your thread OP)