Pillow Talk!

  1. My current pillow is driving me insane! My neck and back are just not happy with it at all... I am having to sleep on my back right now since I got rhinoplasty week and I want to find a wonderful pillow to support my head and neck but I have no idea where to look for a good one.

    I am usually a side sleeper but for the next few months I will be sleeping on back...does anybody have any suggestions? I need something that will keep the neck/back aches away and give me a good nights sleep.

  2. Thanks! I've been thinking about those but was just wondering if there's anything else out there...guess I'll have to try one out!
  3. I am also going to suggest a tempurpedic. I have one and DH has one. we love it. DH has the curve one and i have the regular one that i find gives me comfort and I am all over the place when i sleep( stomach,side,and back..lo). Best of luck!!!