pillar box red ledbury

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  1. Went into Fenwicks today , first time this year. Shimmy's were lovely and robust. They had the new Chanelesque bags with chains in marine and cream. But most eyecatching was the patent red ledbury which was delightful. However not a bargain or reduction in sight.
  2. Patent Red Ledbury - are you trying to send me over the edge :sos:
  3. Alison,I can't remember if you're near Brent Cross. Is that where you went? All the new bags were together in their usual spot and all the sale bags were together at the front of the store. Maybe that was the case in the store you went to?

    I saw the red patent Ledbury, too - gorgeous shade. The marine & white bags were the Jenahs :heart:
  4. Oh my, does anyone know if there will be a regular leather red ledbury then? I have an oak one and it is my best handbag!
  5. Red Ledbury ....:drool:
  6. i'm in canterbury. I'm really taking to ledburys , my bays are too big at the mo.

  7. I'm pretty late to this thread, but they did make a regular red Ledbury at one point. I got one at Bicester last June. You can see a pic of her in my avatar, and also here: http://forum.purseblog.com/mulberry/my-red-ledbury-393472.html