Pill to delay period?

  1. Ok guys as some of you might remember my sister is getting married on the 16th and her period starts on the 23th... the exact date my parents chose to give her and her husband a honeymoon package.

    One of her friends told her that she can take a pill to delay her period but she has to go to a gyn to get it. We've been doing quite a bit of googling but cant get any specifics on it.... any ladies here take such a pill before? Wouldnt it be too late for her to take them say if she gets them on Monday when the dr's offices are open?

    Any and all help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. It's not a pill it's the pill, the birth control pill :smile: If she's on it all she has to do is keep taking it until she wants her period to come; meaning she just has to skip the spacer or period pills for the week. Happy Honeymoon!
  3. i'm actually trying to get the same thing to delay my period. i'm going to the gyno on monday to hopefully get it.

    norethisterone should be taken (i believe) a few days before you expect to get your period and then after you stop taking it, you'll get your period within a couple of days.

    norethisterone is not the same as taking regular birth control. i've read many many times that it takes a couple of months of taking birth control to be able to effectively skip a period. so norethisterone is good for those of us who are not on regular birth control.
  4. ^^yes!!! norethisterone is what Im talking about! is it very pricey, do you know? she has no ins. coverage

    my sis googled it and found them online you can buy ranging from 35, 60, to $100 and up but she'd rather get legit stuff with directions and explanations from the doc
  5. Oohh! Did not know about this pill! Good to know it's out there!
  6. OP, i'm not sure how much it is sorry. i can report back after i go to the gyno tomorrow.
  7. OP, i mentioned norethisterone to my gyn today and she suggested i try bc because of my intense cramps during my period. she seemed fine with writing a prescription for norethisterone though if i really preferred and wanted it. but i trusted her judgment and decided to try the first cycle of loseasonique. i think if your sister goes to the gyn, her gyn will most likely prescribe it. i ended up with bc only because she thought it would with my cramps. i think your sister could get norethisterone since her wedding is coming up so quickly and there aren't many other options. good luck!
  8. I used to take seasonique, which delayed your period for three months (and helped control cyst formation) - it is basically three continuous months of 'the pill.' The regular birth control pill can be pretty cheap - I believe (with my not-too-fab insurance plan) it was $10 a month (Seasonique was $45 for a 3 month pack - so $15/month). Just take it continuously without taking the sugar pills and you won't get your period. I suggest starting it 3-5 days prior at least to when your period should start. I have done this so many times - it can be so inconvenient to have!
  9. My GYN has told me that if you want to delay a period, you just continue with a new pack of pills when you get to the sugar pills. It would just be like a continuous cycle of "active" pills, therefore delaying your period.
  10. OP,

    i just called my gyno and had her write a prescription for norethisterone because i'm too scared to START bc so close to my trip. the whole point is that i want to delay my period, so starting the bc may not even work for me so the doctor said she'd write the prescription but it still may not work. i think my gyno thought i wanted to skip my period, not just delay it. so when i pick up my prescription, i'll update again lol. sry for hijacking your thread!
  11. for future reference for anyone who wants or needs norethisterone, i picked up my prescription from target for about $40.
  12. ohhh ok thanks so much. she has an appointment the following monday wonder if itll be in time for her though
  13. Instead of waiting a week, I would suggest she go to a Planned Parenthood. She can just walk in instead, and since she doesn't have insurance it will probably be less expensive.
  14. Sera, if she's already taking BC, then she doesn't need to do anything special...just start with a new pack when the last non-sugar pill ends from her last pack. No need to waste money or time with an appt.
  15. Yup, works great. Been doing this for years now. I take them continually for 3 months, then have a period, then back on for 3 months ... Having a period 4 times a year is a great compromise :biggrin: