Pill case

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  1. Hey everyone...
    my best friend's birthday is coming up and I am trying to find her the pill case. I'm not really worried about what color right now, I just need to find one. She loves it and they don't sell them anymore...
    Any suggestions???

    Greatly appreciated,
  2. I thought I saw some at the Niagara Falls outlet.
  3. I saw one on ebay last night. . . .
  4. They very often have them at the Outlets... Call yours and check..
  5. i love the pill cases! i've had one for years now but had lost it on a flight back from nyc... my sister was sweet enough to give me her and i replaced her with a siggy one (the only thing they had left at the outlet)... i haven't seen any at the outlet in several month but they pop up pretty regularly on ebay... if at all possible, try to hold out for something better than the $49 price... i think they eventually ended up in the $9.99 bin

    there is a khaki siggy one listed on ebay with a starting price of $8 or $20 BIN with free shipping (nma)...

  6. ^^^ Like Johnniegirlatl said. I would try to hold out on that until you find a better deal. I got my pill case last year at Dawsonville outlet for only 9.99. I am going to the orlando outlet this weekend. So I will check if they have any.
  7. oh dang wish I could just hand you mine I can't use it hubby said no you can't put that in your purse Ill get a ticket if pulled over without the proper labels on the bottles lol go figure Calif law
  8. Would a contact case also work?
  9. Are you kidding me? So the next time I cruise home to Cali if I get pulled over I'll get in trouble for having my pill case full of OTC meds? I drive all over AZ, CA and NV with that baby packed full of stuff lol
  10. Seriously? I hope the fact my Med Alert card says I take those drugs on a daily basis that it would help cover my butt, but I don't have bottles small enough for some of my pain killers to carry them in proper documented bottles. Even a doctor's note written on a script pad with "XX uses the following drugs" probably would be ignored in that situation then... ugh!