Pill Box

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  1. I just discovered the Coach Pill Boxes. They are soo cute! Does anyone know if these are sold in the outlets? I was looking at them on eBay but don't want to spend more than I have to if they are at the outlet. I prefer the khaki signature one.
  2. I got one of the MFF Jewel looking ones at my outlet. I think it was $23 after the coupon.
    I use it to keep gift cards & loyalty cards in!

  3. ^^^
    I got the same one at the outlet recently....they had silver also
  4. I recently got a silver one at the outlet they also had khaki and black sig ones.
  5. I saw some at the Vacaville outlet in Northern California today. They had khaki, black, and teal signature ones.

    I bought one a few years ago and I love it!
  6. Thanks ladies! I called my outlet today and they said they have some, but they sold the last khaki sig one yesterday :shucks: I have to go there tomorrow so I'll see what other colors they have!
  7. Yep, saw some in Coach print in black and brown