Pilgrimage to 31 Rue Cambon

  1. Sooo, went to paris last month, and of course broke the bag ban hahah.

    Walked away with a modern chain for my mom, the charms CC holder in silver (for 580 euro!! exorbitant alright but I couldn't resist - they didnt' have the wallet I wanted in black), and medium classic 2.55 caviar silver hardware in black :smile: they had lambskin too but I somehow like caviar better on it : )

    Sadly I forgot to take pictures of the charms holder.. and stupidly I brought the 2.55 with me here so I have to get out of the country (am in Netherlands atm) fast, to get the tax rebate, except that since I'm on a student visa and flying right back in they might not let me get it : P no idea :p anyone has a clue?

    I went to both the one at champ elysses and rue cambon, and I have to say the service was excellent! better at rue cambon, seeing as how I didn't expect to buy anything but walked away with the CC holder and modern chain. The SA there was incredibly friendly, I was in awe walking through all the rooms and she pounced on me and brought me tea and let me try on everything so yeah I'm a sucker for good servie alright :p

    some pictures :smile:
    parisisLOVE! - 175.jpg parisisLOVE! - 171.jpg parisisLOVE! - 173.jpg parisisLOVE! - 177.jpg parisisLOVE! - 179.jpg
  2. The LOOT :smile:

    and oh my I forgot, they had all these exotic flaps and totes.. alligator, crocodile... one croc flap was SO FREAKIN GORGEOUSSS BLUE but it was like 13k euro or so, or was it sgd.. I forgot :p alligators were of cuz insanely exp.

    but gosh, gorgeous, just totally gorgeous

    I wanted to sneak photos, but way too many people watching =(

    MC was like 1.2k euro or so, the chain is so pretty!
    parisisLOVE! - 139.jpg parisisuberlove! - 096.jpg parisisuberlove! - 098.jpg parisisuberlove! - 105.jpg parisisuberlove! - 099.jpg
  3. Lucky you! How fun to go there. The pictures are great, you're so pretty!
  4. thanks!! Haha I was sooo excited, and it was great that the SA there was sooo nice, I mean, I never had tea served to me like that before!! and when I switched rooms the serving lady (who was dressed so chic too :p) would follow us.

    it was like a dream come true! :smile: my sister spent the whole time sitting in one of the chairs looking at her guidebooks with her red vinyl 2nd hand backpack looking bored and out of place but the SAs were super attentive to her too so she was abit taken aback that they weren't snobbish :p
  5. oh I'm so glad for you having that unique experience!Congrats on your lovely bags!
  6. What a great experience you had, how nice! And I love all your goodies too!
  7. Great stuff! You must have had so much fun in Paris!
  8. The Cambon store is always awesome. I think they are the nicest one of all :p
    Glad to hear that you had an awesome time there, and congrats on your new additions!
  9. Oh what a wonderful experience and your goodies are lovely! Thanks for sharing your story and photos. :yahoo:
  10. oooh your trip sounds fabby, and your gifts, nicer than a chocolate box :biggrin:

    congratulations :biggrin:
  11. Congrats on your trip to the "mother load", and you are too cute!!:yes:
    LOve your loot!!:tup:, and you got served tea?? here in O.C California, they served you champagne (you know.. to get us drunk and spend more:biggrin::roflmfao:)
  12. Oh, I envy you, what fun you must have had...Thanks for the pictures and hope you and your mom enjoy your purchases. Love your bag!!!:smile:
  13. You look stunning there! :party:
  14. Congrats on your beautiful haul! Your photos are gorgeous and you are very cute. I'm so jealous and would love to visit Europe someday in the near future :love:
  15. man champagne?! hahahah I sure missed out alot!! In asia they don't serve you anything!! =p I need to visit OC next :smile:

    yep I had an awesome time, it was pleasant, especially since everyone always equates the french with snobbiness =p the bag I'm carrying in the photo (can't really see it I suppose :p) was my first balenciaga bag.. which I bought the day before.. only style I liked besides the motorcycle one :p

    I should get my mother to take a photo of my charms credit card holder.. since I couldn't spend that much on the flap bag and couldn't find the black oh so cute wallet, I had to settle on next best thing =) to be honest I was abit like oh my god that's half a bag, but then I got totally suckered in by the service and the whole 'it's limited ed!!!' crap =p they had a coin purse version of it too.