Piles of pukey plastic pleather fakes

  1. I was at the bazarre in Istanbul today and practically every shop that sold handbags had nasty fake bals.

    Just for fun I asked to see one, he was asking 660 lira (about $500) for a pukey pleather pea soup green "giant hardware brief."

    I told him it a nasty fake, why was he asking for so much money and he said it was for the "leather, not the name."


    And there were fakes of every possible style and color to be had.
  2. Icky poo!!!!!!
  3. It always makes me sad to see fakes too:sad: Nothing that can be done about it though. . . . at least you get to enjoy the real thing!
  4. $500?!?! :wtf: that's a freaking lotta money for an ugly fake!
  5. ^^ well, his final offer before I tired of the cr@p and left was $160.

    Still an awful lot of money for garbage & that is what I told him:cursing:
  6. Who wants to spend that kind of money on a fake!! Yuck!
  7. I went to Istanbul in 2005 and even back then they had countless fake bals... I had my beloved black twiggy with me and was so happy that she was like a princess among them! Also I remember seeing a girl with the most beautiful weekender there!
  8. Hi there, I am thinking this is probably best in the Shopping sub-forum so I'll pop it over there directly!
  9. I am sure the real price of that piece of plastic is under $50.
  10. probably closer to $10:graucho: