PILE of Birkins and Kellys!

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  1. Picture from German Vogue Feb 2008 (sorry for poor quality)

    Note the little watch attached to orange croc birkin;)

    Prices in Euros

    Tricolour Ostrich Birkin 14 310
    Ostrich Kelly 10 710
    Black Croc Birkin 23 480
    Orange croc Birkin 16 330

    Cognac Birkin 5220
    Brown leather ponyskin Kelly 4910
    Red? Birkin 6280
    Blue Birkin 5380

    Not shown in this crop
    Orange Kelly cut? 2450
    25 grey ombre lizard birkin 6350
    Brown suede birkin 5250
  2. :drool: Nice picture! Thanks.
  3. How cute! They are all hanging out and lounging!!!!
  4. Good that you posted this, I have the mag too and tried to take a pic but it ended so smudgy. Major droolage!
  5. That pic is totally drool worthy! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Great photo! My SA was just mentioning there was a photo in Vogue.
  7. Awesome! Thanks for posting!
  8. Fun pic! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Nice! :smile:
  10. thanks for sharing .. it actually made my day:tup:
  11. What a pile - - yum!
  12. Yummy pile!
  13. thanks for the pic! I want them all!:love:
  14. I would like to have a "pile" just like that please - LOL :smile:
  15. You're welcome ladies!