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  1. Has anyone here tried Pilates? I've been thinking of doing it, because I hear that it really tones your body and muscles. I don't want to bulk, but I do want lean muscles, and so I was wondering if Pilates would be a good option for strength training.

    Anyways, please let me know! Thank you :smile:
  2. Pilates is amazing for lean muscle building. Is there a pilates center near you? There is a difference between pilates mat sessions and using the machines. It is really hard- but great for your core.
  3. I am a pilates addict! I love it, it tones and strengthens your muscles without any bulk. Ballerinas have practiced it for decades thanks to Joseph Pilates. If you can, go find a studio where you can work out on a Reformer and Cadillac, they are incredible. Couple that with matt classes and you will notice a difference in your body in no time.

    This is also a great website to learn more: STOTT PILATES the contemporary approach to pilates exercise. But be careful, pilates can be as addictive as shopping!
  4. What are the differences between using the machines and mat classes? Which one would be better for building lean muscle? Ahh thank you so much girls! I'm getting so excited for Pilates!
  5. They are both excellent for building lean muscle mass, but just in different ways.

    Matt classes are wonderful for really targeting your core, and ab work. Many classes will use a bosu balls, balls, bands, and other accessories to challenge you even more. You will definitely feel the burn!

    Reformers add resistance and give you more of a whole-body workout. For instance, in a one hour session, you will work your entire body- arms, abs, legs, butt etc. And every move you do on the reformer will work your core. I loved the Reformer so much, I bought one for my house- which I do not get to use nearly as much as i like, but it is incredible what a Reformer can do for your body if you do it regularly.

    The Cadillac is used for stretching, ab/core work, some leg, some arms, and can be incredibly challenging. It is used to help rehab people as well as work you till you want to cry. LOL.

    The best of all worlds is to get some experience using both machines and doing matt classes to really compliment your machine workouts. I can tell you from personal experience that doing pilates 3 times a week (doing all three) will give you excellent results. If I could do it everyday, I would in a heartbeat.
  6. This may be a dumb question, but is doing pilates enough if you can't do other types of cardio? My mom and I were just discussing this today. She has arthritic knees and does modified yoga and pilates, and feels guilty for not doing more. Both activities have helped her immensely, though.
  7. I loved Pilates when I was going to the gym lol. Its great you use your ab muscles for a lot of the poses and its great stretching.
  8. Pilates can be enough, especially since they have several ways to integrate cardio in your workout (ie. cardiolates, jumping board etc.). If you want the best results, try to work in cardio a few times a week as well. BUt for me, I was really pressed for time, and when I was doing Pilates 3 times a week- I was in fab shape! Of course, everyone is different- and now that I have been struggling to loose and get my pre-baby body back, I know that I need cardio with pilates to get my optimal results.
  9. Pilates isn't considered a cardio workout generally. I have taken matt classes for 4 years and while it is great for strength, abs, stretching it just isn't enough. Even my pilates teacher agrees. I think yoga and pilates are great for your mom b/c of her knees but perhaps she could add the stationary bike in as well. It does not pound on the knees like other cardio does. Also the elipitical may also be an option.


  10. Thanks for those suggestions. I'll run them by her!
  11. I do both mat pilates and yoga....both are amazing IMO.

    I have never tried using the machines for pilates, but I do want to eventually.
  12. I have an IFIT pilates machine I love. I like the way it tones my body-I am very pear shaped naturally,but since I have been using the reformer my shape is much more balanced.:smile:
  13. I do Pilates on an Allegro machine twice a week and I love it - coming from someone who hates exercise and has avoided it at all cost my entire life, to say I look forward to my Pilates classes and feel wonderful afterward is a statement I never thought I'd hear myself say. Look into Polestar Pilates, a very professional, international operation. I'm getting stronger every week.
  14. Loooove Pilates. I do BodyPump twice a week and cardio 4-5 times a week so I really need that "stretch" that Pilates gives you. It's not really a calorie-burning workout if you're doing just the basic mat exercises, but it's a good way to use your muscles differently than usual. I would recommend doing weights as well, though, and the suggestion of the elliptical was great! There are some really good Pilates videos out there if you don't have classes nearby...
  15. My boyfriend gave me gym membership for Christmas (as I mentioned in another post, I recently lost 3 stone and really wanted to increase my activity levels so it's perfect, plus the gym is literally a 3 minute walk from my house so will be great for when I get home from work in the evening).
    I'm so excited because they do pilates classes there :yahoo: - can't wait to try it out!