Pilates vs. Yoga vs. Kick boxing

  1. I've been wanting to take some sort of fitness/health&mind class for awhile...but I'm unsure of which one.

    I want something that can help relieve stress and tone some areas of my body as well. I'm not really sure about Yoga, since I've always perceived it as something a little more mellow/relaxing, so I'm actually only torn between pilates and kick boxing.

    I was thinking kick boxing may help me take out some of my anger/stress, lol. I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs but would like to build some muscle/lose some flab in my tummy/underarm/thigh areas.

  2. All three are great and have their place. But, if you are looking for stress relief and to really break a sweat, kickboxing would be the way to go.
  3. Thanks alexis, after some serious decision-making I registered for kick boxing. BUT I am also taking pilates on another day of the week. It should be fun!!
  4. alexis is right theyre all great. Its great you're going to take on both pilates and kickboxing, which is what I do. Sometimes I am in a need to really break a sweat and really throw some kicks around.. and other times something more relaxing and challenging in a different way, which would be pilates. They're both great for toning as well! Tell us about it !
  5. Kick boxing and pilates seem like a great combo. I'm interested to do pilates too, or yoga for better posture. Lemme know how you do with pilates okay..
  6. I'm curious too!
    would love to hear your thoughts - you know first of the year is right around the corner ...hence, back to working out for me.
  7. Kickboxing is really intense. I would worry about bulking up too much since I'm not into the bodybuilder look.

    I never felt I got enough of a workout with Yoga because it's so mellow. Bikram yoga, however, is SUch a workout. You're in a really hot room doing some serious yoga poses, and sometimes you can even get out of breath. That is the only kind of yoga I truly enjoy.

    Pilates is my favorite. It really tones your core muscles (or whatever... using their words). Kind of like doing weights and cardio at the same time, you know?
  8. I took kickboxing for a while. It is really intense and I never sweated so quickly in my life other than running track in the summer. But I definitely did not buff up or look manly. I think my body was more toned than anything. It require alot of stretching and various types of kicks like high kicks which is great for thighs. I highly recommend it but all the above choices are great types of exercises. I think they're just different on an intensity level.
  9. I love kick boxing! The classes I took were so intense but mannnn they pumped me up so much. I felt great after each class.
  10. That's good to hear, that is exactly what I'm looking for :tup:
  11. I was taking kickboxing before I was pregnant and nothing ever whipped my butt into shape like that did. I was a little too thin where I didn't have much of a butt anymore and too scrawny looking. It didn't give me a manly look at all either... but it gave me more of a shape... my butt got toned and my arms got toned... but not in the manly way. I would definatelty suggest kickboxing and can't wait to be able to get back into it.
  12. So I take it you should be in good cardio health before kickboxing? I am also interested in these three but cannot find anywhere that gives just classes w/no gym membership. You know enroll and so its beginners and I dont feel slow (and overweight).
  13. Just my opinion: But, I think you'd get just as much stress relief, aerobic and cardiovascular conditioning, and muscle toning by doing a brisk walk for 15-20 minutes around the neighborhood and then doing some plain old calisthenics and isometric exercises for an additional 10-15 minutes. Every other day is fine for such a regimen, by the way - even everyday is as well if you feel up to it.

    After winter is over I usually start such a regimen and I'm toned and fit again in two weeks. One's results will vary according to one's metabolism though. I'm fortunate in that I'm tall and slim with a high metabolic rate. Therefore, all I literally have to do is wiggle over around some and I get toned.

    The above regimen can be done at any time and any where, plus it's free! I don't believe in paying money to exercise when we already have what we need right at our fingertips - so to speak. ;)
  14. Unfortunately it's always FREEZING cold where I live (it's -30*C today) so that's not really an option. I really want to start in January and it doesn't get warm until like April. Also, I find "exercises" really boring....so I need something more interesting. Yeah, a walk around the neighbourhood may be interesting but I'm one of those people who don't really feel comfortable running/jogging outside.