pilates Ab workout??

  1. Hey everyone,

    i am new to this whole pilates workout, i used to have a 6 pack, now after 2 pregnancies i have a little to grab (not much, just very little) i used to be an athlete all my life, now i feel like i am so out of breath when i do the smallest things, so i started tae bo, i think its so much fun, and i want to do the pilates at home, the ab work out. does it really help? did u belly tighten up at all? how long did it take. dh grabbed my sides yesterday and was making fun of me, couldn't believe what he saw. lol. so i gotta do something now, wanted to anyway...
  2. well i've never done abs pilates specifically but i did pilates for quite awhile (until i couldn't afford it anymore) and it was amazing i loved it so much. i felt really healthy and in touch with my body. so i would recommend it
  3. i have a pilates abs workout i do at home and ...it's pretty hard. you essentially keep your abs contracted the majority of the time. you really do feel the burn, both during the workout and the day after. i generally can't go through the whole thing, even though it's only like a 20 min workout...because it's like keeping your abs contracted and flexed for 20 min straight. ouch.
  4. pilates is great for your abs, but generally it wont give you the 6-pack look. it tends to give most people the long, lean ab look instead. but if youve already had a 6-pack, it might come back for you. as to how long it will take, its like every other workout routine, about 3-4 weeks to see real results. it will def help with your obliques though! no more teasing from the hubby :yes:
  5. I do Pilates 3 times a week (in a class, on an Allegro machine) It is the only exercise routine I have ever liked and have stuck with - It has been a year now and it has done wonders for my body.
  6. wow. ok, i am very excited now, i should be doing pilates right now, and not be on tPF...lol i have a wedding to go to on friday, i guess it wont do much for 2 days..

    does anyone in here do tae bo?
  7. i always tried to do tae bo but i suffer from asthma and i'd start hyperventilating :sad:
  8. Pilates is very focused on core training, I never did the abs workout you're talking about but I do attend a regular class and work with an instructor and it's wonderful, way better than doing crunches. Before you start an at home regimen I would recommend trying to get to a class or something, it's very easy to do things incorrectly in pilates that only and instructor can help you with IMHO. It's important to keep using your core muscles and not those outer, superficial stomach muscles because that won't tone your stomach the way you want KWIM?
  9. I love Pilates!! It really does help out with your abs/core muscles. I have an Ab workout pilates DVD at home and it really does work everything out. I love it.
  10. Ooh I'm excited - I start a pilates class this week! I also like the Yoga Booty Ballet abs workout - it's pretty hard. You need this squishy ball thing though.
  11. i do taebo, or at least i used to...i used to be a die-hard fanatic of taebo, did it once a day, essentially an hour a day. add on pilates - the results were seriously amazing and extremely immediate for me. i would say ...days. maybe that was just me being extremely sensitive and eager to see results, but for the periods of time when i kept the combination routine up, i was in amaaaazing shape. taebo burns the fat like no other machine does, and pilates lengthens and strengthens using your own body as resistance. i'd really recommend it. i'm trying to start the combo again myself.
  12. I've started Pilates so many times b/c I just hated it. Then, on several recommendations I began again with an excellent teacher. It has made all the difference in terms of my attitude. I now understand the concept of Pilates and even though I can't do all the exercise perfectly, I do understand the concept behind them.

    Even if you're doing arm work or leg work, when it comes to Pilates the abs (core) is always involved.

    It's a good addition to my regular routine of ballet class, stretch class, and walking.
  13. my sister used to be a YBB teacher.... i wish they taught it in london!
  14. wow pilates sounds great, but my current fitness level isnt very high... is it easy to start, or should I wait until I'm more physically fit?
  15. That sounds like something I'd like! Is it a class or a DVD or something?