Pilar clutch...opinions?

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  1. Does anyone here have the Pilar clutch?

    The red one with the face on it; here is a screenshot from another site


    For some reason, I really like this clutch but curious what other's opinions are.

  2. i like it. it's very artsy fatsy but i woulnt pay alot for it. it's not really a classic
  3. I think it is pretty cute, too. You see them on ebay every once in awhile. I almost got the larger tote, Polly in white.
  4. They had one at Nordstrom on sale for $237 and I nearly bought it.

    However, it had a gash on the front of it and I knew that if I did buy it that gash would be all I would think about every time I carried it. It was entirely too noticeable. :sad:

    I will continue to look around on ebay. Thanks all!
  5. It's a nice design, but is not worth the money in terms of quality and trend. It'll no doubt be out of style within the next year or so, I think.
  6. yeah, kind of like the Prada Fairies bag...
  7. Sorry not for me.
    Makes me think of a young teen forever 21 novelty bag.