Pigna print scarf - does it exist?

  1. I have fallen in love with the gucci pigna print, a vintage print that they are producing exclusively this season (I was told by an SA). I have seen shoes, cardigans and, of course, canvas bags in pigna, like this one:


    But I think it might be a bit bold for an entire bag, at least for me. So I figured that this pattern would be fantastic for a scarf. Does anyone know if Gucci made scarfs in the pigna-pattern? They don't have it on their website, and the Gucci-retailer where I live didn't know...
  2. I haven't seen that print in a scarf, but you could try and call the NYC and West Palm Beach stores, they're a little bigger than most. Also, if its not in West Palm Beach, I can't imagine where they'd be sending it. Its so summery and tropical.