Piglet born with two snouts and three eyes

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    Liu Shuping, a farmer specializing in raising pigs, presents a newly-born piglet with one head, two mouths, two noses and three eyes, for photographers in Xi'an, northwest China's Shannxi Province March 6, 2007. Experts attributed it's condition to genetic variation, local media reported. Picture taken March 6, 2007. CHINA OUT REUTERS/China Daily (CHINA)
  2. AWWWW!! Am i the only one that thinks that piggy is soooo CUTE?!!?!

    I'm gonna go do research on this. I saw something like this two month ago (a cow with TWO heads), but it turned out to be photoshopped :sad:

    But lots of genetic defects can do this in animals. This is crazy cool though!

    Thanks for sharing!!

    I still think this pig(s?) is/are soooo cute!!
  3. Awww!!!! I think she's cute, too!!
  4. I think the piggy is cute, too!
  5. It is kind of cute in a Wilbur/babe way but it still a little creepy. Sorry please don't beat me up, LOL!!
  6. oh wow, yeah its..... cute... :biggrin: kinda trippy at first, but then cute
  7. Poor baby...I hope it'll be okay.
  8. Awww..poor little piggy! He is adorable but I, too hope he'll be okay!:crybaby:
  9. I think he's cute too and I want him! I wonder if he's ok and happy! I love piggies!
  10. Poor creature!!! He/she is cute, but I wonder if a good life is possible like that. :sad: So sad!
  11. Poor piggy! I hope he lives a long life.
  12. At least he won't be slaughtered like his little brothers and sisters will be...instead, he will most likely "enjoy" a life of being stared at, poked and prodded.

    How sad.
  13. how freakin cool!!!!
  14. wonder if it eats from both mouths???
  15. :crybaby: :crybaby: