Piggy's Prêt-à-Porter Pictoral: outfits & purchases posted for your perusal (^(oo)^)v

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  1. after many months of contemplation, i've decided to take a page out of the lovely laurayuki’s book and start an outfit / wardrobe thread! in the coming weeks, I’ll be posting my daily outfits & new purchases in an attempt to resolve two of the oldest mysteries in the sartorial history:

    • Piggy’s Paradox: two closets full of clothing frequently yield nothing for a little piggy to wear

    • The Closet Corollary: a little piggy’s wardrobe will expand to overflow all available storage space, ad infinitum, whilst still yielding nothing to wear!

    You see? It’s all in the name of research! Research, I say! (^(oo)^)v
  2. kicking off with the spoils from yesterday's ted baker rampage:

    it all started because i needed a new (preferably red) outfit for chinese new year! this dress isn't my usual style, but i really liked the way it drapes and the extra little details like the loops in front and the black silk ties

    this is such a great shade of green, i had to pick it up! not sure what i'm going to wear it for yet, but i think it will be pretty versatile. needs to be shortened a bit tho :P

    nice simple black zip-front shirtdress with belted waist

    i really love this top because the scarf at the neckline isn't attached, which lends some versatility to change the look, thus:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  3. a recent outfit:

    ted baker asymmetric zip leather jacket
    topshop tiered silk mini
    wolford velvet de luxe leggings
    christian louboutin nitoinimoi leather on suede ankle boots
    hermès matte niloticus crocodile 26cm lindy bag


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  4. more more!! :P
  5. Love the green dress - very versatile IMO.
  6. Great thread i will keep an eye out for updates
  7. One of the reasons for its awesomeness is that the nude CLs match perfectly to the nude of your skin. Jealous!
  8. Really love the green dress on you! I love the way you mixed Hermes (croc lindy) with High Street, all blends together fantastically :woohoo:
  9. lvpiggy, I will watch this thread with anticipation. I love your collectin of Hermes and you are such a cutie and nothing ever looks bad on you!
  10. This is such a good thread! I now can live vacariously through you. :tup:
  11. great idea piggy! would love to see more pics!!!
  12. thanks ladies! there will definitely be more coming! this will be good motivation for me to mix it up a bit on the outfit front, so as not to post any duplicates!

  13. happy to oblige, as piggy definitely has spent some time shopping vicariously through you! tehe (^(oo)^)v
  14. :blush: thanks for the kind words!

    although, there's definitely lots of stuff that looks bad on me . . . i just try not to allow it to leave the dressing room and follow me home! :lol:
  15. that's the CL nude patent magic! thank you monsieur louboutin!:yahoo:

    thanks ladies! i was on the fence about the green dress at the store, so it's nice to have positive reinforcement :kiss:

    i do love blending items from all different strata together - there's much more scope for imagination that way! :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.