piggybacking off other thread: is there a type of bag that you wouldn't tie a twilly

  1. or pocket square to? I'm not sure how to word it but is there a certain type of bag that the scarf tie looks better on and some that don't look so good with a scarf? For example, i think tieing a scarf around something like a LV Speedy, that has a structured hard handle , looks great...but, prob not so much with a chanel bag that has the chain strap....

    what're your thoughts?
  2. I don't think they look very well on Trims, or the Hermes Folies bag. Both are shoulder bags with relatively wide straps.

    In addition, I wonder how well one would look on a Bolide 1923. The handle drops are very short and a pocket square would take up a substantial piece of its real estate. A twilly might work though.
  3. I have good luck tying my Twilly in one single know and letting the ends hang way down on my Trim.

    I wouldn't use one on a Chanel bag.

    Agree about the 1923.
  4. neither looks right on my cacahuete.
  5. Coco-nut, IMHO you are absolutely right about the 1923. I don't think a pocket scarf works well on it at all and the twilly is just OK. I'll try to post pictures later tonight of my beloved 1923 with a twilly and then with a pocket scarf so members can draw their own conclusions. I usually carry mine without any adornments, which is one reason it is in a bright color: the color is attention-getting enough.
  6. I would never tie one to my Chanel reissue.
  7. Here are pictures of my 1923 Bolide trying to get dressed up with either a twilly or a pochette. I'm open to the opinions of others, but quite frankly, I don't think that either fits her very well.
    1923 & pochette.jpg 1923 & twilly.jpg
  8. Maggie, I agree with you. The bag is too matter-of-fact (not that I don't like it - I ADORE it) for a twilly or a pocket scarf. It's odd, isn't it. Some bags look great dressed up and with others it just doesn't work.
    Another bag I wouldn't tie anything to is the Plumes Documentes, the Whitebus, the Trim and the Masai.
  9. Maggie, what colour and leather is your gorgeous 1923?? I'm all in for slutty red and just hoping, praying Rouge Vif makes it back soon.
  10. Serenity, it is vermillion swift with PH; at least I'm pretty sure it's vermillion. I acquired it from my sister who received it as a gift from her husband. Turns out she has no interest in nice handbags, so I gladly took it off her hands. I've often been carrying it with me when I've been in the Houston boutique but don't know why I've never asked them to confirm the color. I'll try to remember to do so next time and give you an update if it is not vermillion. I have been pleasantly surprised by how versatile this color turns out to be.

    Hello, I also agree with you about the Trim. I don't have any experience with the other bags you mention, but since we're in agreement about adorning the 1923 and Trim, I'll certainly take your word on those others.
  11. the plume, kelly elan, trim & sac.
  12. ^^+constance, drag bag & loro globe piana.:yes:
  13. Maggie, I think the Twilly looks cute! :smile:
  14. :yes:
  15. MaggieD, your Bolide is outstanding!