Pigen's collection

  1. Here's my small but dearly loved collection :heart:
    My eyes opened to bags late last year, but my obsession really kicked in this year - so most bags are from this year :shame:

    Ayler in blush/coconut rio
    Bayswater in oak darwin
    Elgin in chocolate darwin
    Roxanne in ochre darwin

    Large Bianca in black
    Ayler WMwtmk.JPG Bayswater WMwtmk.JPG Elgin WMwtmk.JPG Roxanne WMwtmk.JPG Bianca WMwtmk.JPG
  2. Wonderful Mulberrys! :tup:
  3. That first Mulberry is SO gorgeous and perfect.
  4. Great Botkier!
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Yay, my thread was approved! :yahoo:
    A couple more bags:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs:
    Totally Turnlock Teri in sand
    Turnlock Faridah in black

    Corinna + Foley (Anna Corinna):
    City Tote in gunmetal

    Louis Vuitton:
    Epi Pochette in mandarin
    Teri WMwtmk.JPG Faridah WMwtmk.JPG AC City Totewtmk.jpg Epi Pochettewtmk.jpg
  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments! :flowers:
  8. Very nice collection...love your mandarin pochette!
  9. Pigen -
    WOW....had to check out your collection! You've got some rockin' bags!
    The Roxanne in ochre???? Is this different from the oak???
    Also your AC.....have just loved the shape of this purse and the way it folds over...tell me more!!!
    Great photos.
    See you 'round, babe!
  10. Thank you! :winkiss:
    Yeah, the ochre is a marigold/dark yellow colour. Mine has darkened some with patina - when new it is more vibrant...
    The Anna Corinna is great - so practical with multiple zip pockets and love that it can be used as a messenger too. Unfortunately the leather and stitchings can't quite live up to Mulberry standards, but it's worth the pricetag :tup: The natural leather is so much better than the metallic and glazed leather, but loved the colour of the gunmetal so :love:
  11. Love the Bayswater and mandarin pochette!
  12. Very nice collection!
  13. The latest addition to my collection: Mulberry Rosemary in chocolate :love:
    DSC02202.jpg DSC02205.jpg
  14. LOve your collection, Pigen! My favorites are the Ayler and the MJ Totally Turnlock Teri. I'd love to include a great bag in Sand in my collection.
  15. Congrats on your new Mulberry - it's gorgeous!