Pigalles 100 mm vs 120 mm?

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  1. So I bought my my first pair of Loub's! The Pigalles 100 mm in black. I want to get some thoughts and opinions about the 100 mm. I feel like perhaps I should have gotten the 120's! Everyone raves about how the 120's are more beautiful, the added height makes it a sexier shoe, and that the 120's are by far the most popular choice. I have heard that the 120's are much more difficult to walk in though, but I feel that it would be worth it! I think what I am craving now is having a higher heel height in a louboutin. I dont think I can return the shoe because I got the soles refinished immediately after purchasing them.

    My plan is to wear my pigalle 100's more as an everyday shoe, I see a lot of celebs wearing their 100's casually with pants. Then, I will soon purchase the Pigalle 120 mm in nude and a pair of sky high platforms for evenings, going out, formal events etc. So basically I'll have the 100 mm for more casual occasions and day to day wear, and then purchase higher heel heights in the future. I would really appreciate any thoughts or opinions.
  2. I definitely think the 100mm is more practical and you can definitely tell the difference in terms of when you walk in them. I agree with most when people say that the 120mm is a more sexier shoe. I don't think they are that uncomfortable though for the height, they are actually more comfortable than the So Kates for the same 120mm height.

    Though I will say that I find myself wearing mostly 120mm because the look is just aesthetically more appealing even if it's just 10mm of a difference! Especially in the nude color where they make your legs look amazing :smile:
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  3. A nude colour pigalle in 120 sounds like what I'm looking for haha. In your opinion, is the difference between the 100 and 120 heel height extremely noticeable or is it a slight difference in height?
  4. I like your original plan. Even though I don't have pigalle 120s, I have Patent black so Kate 120's, and pigalle 100mms. I walk in 100mms, and wince in 120's
  5. As someone who is obsessed with shoes I think aesthetically there is a noticeable difference! ... In terms of comfort, I would say the 100mm is very, very walkable and wearable for a lot longer than the 120mm. Tho I will say I have worn the 120mm to an event standing for 5-6 hours and been *okay*
  6. Thanks for your reply! This info is very helpful as I am just starting a collection.
  7. I like your plan of wearing the black Pigalle 100 for every day and working your way to the nude 120 and adding platform styles later. It's good to have variety. I used to always opt for the higher heel height, but I find the 100mm more suitable for me these days. I know that there are more raves for 120mm and up shoes, but I think the Pigalle 100 is a sexy option for a 100mm heel height.
  8. I agree with Yogathlete, there is a noticeable difference and personally I favour the 120mm heel as I think they are the sexier shoe. I think you're on a good path starting with 100mm and working up to 120mm though :smile: